Contains some adult language and violence. Reader discretion advised.

Ranma Saotome is given command of Starfleet's newest and most powerful battleship, the USS Benjamin Sisko. An awesome combination till his crew starts to board. Ranma is discouraged to find out that Shampoo is his Executive Officer, Akane is his Medical officer, Mousse is his weapons officer and Ryouga is the helmsman! What in the world did he do to deserve this? Ranma must get over it though if he is to ever defeat the ever powerful Kuno collective and rescue Akane from a band of Space Pirates! Moon Trek is a hilarious example of what happens when you take aspirin with a vodka chaser!

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Chapter One - A Crew Even Custer Would Have Been Proud Of
Chapter Two - Dude Looks Like A Lady
Chapter Three - Something Were Never Meant To Be
Chapter Four - Not All Pirates Have Parrots
Chapter Five - The Blind Leading The Blind Leading The Stupid
Chapter Six - Resolution
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