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Commander Akane Tendo-Saotome is currently the Chief Medical Officer of the U.S.S. Benjamin Sisko.


Commander Saotome's career has been distinguished, but not without its share of issues. She has been cited multiple times for using excessive force as well as having been forced to undergo anger management courses on at least two of her previous starships.

From Ensign to becoming a Lt. Commander aboard the U.S.S. Loami (NCC 71144) - where she served with Captain Ranma Saotome - Commander Saotome has been in security. Despite the aforementioned issues, nearly all of her commanding officers have given her abilities glowing reviews and have stated that she is a qualified and extraordinary security asset.


According to the personal logs and public statements of Commander Saotome, her transfer to the Sisko was neither welcomed nor wanted, despite the promotion that came with it.


Commander Saotome came aboard the Sisko to assume the position of Chief Medical Officer. This was highly unorthodox, considering that the CMO's position was required to be given to a doctor with several years of experience.

However, like most of the senior staff assignments aboard the Sisko, the protocol was overridden by Vice Admiral Happosai, Rear Admiral Genma Saotome and in the case of Commander Saotome, Ambassador Soun Tendo also had his hands in the process. Commander Saotome herself only had basic field medic training that was required of all security personnel. Fortunately, the Sisko was also assigned several actual doctors that managed to handle sickbay's workload; Commander Saotome herself acknowledging her non-qualification for the position staying out of the way, yet attempting to learn as much as she could.

Commander Saotome eventually obtained her basic 'emergency medical technician' certification, then paramedic certification and is currently working on nurse's assistant.


One of the stated reasons behind her transfer, according to Ambassador Tendo, was the desire to keep Commander Saotome and Captain Ranma Saotome together so that their personal relationship could grow.

At first it was rocky as Captain Saotome also was dealing with the infatuation the executive officer, Commander Shampoo, had on him, however, Commander Saotome and Captain Saotome became close and eventually married in a private ceremony on Stardate 60123.