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Lt. Jaxson Kaii is the Deputy Chief Operations Officer onboard the U.S.S. Benjamin Sisko. Lt. Kaii is a Bajoran. Lt. Kaii is not technically part of the Command Staff and therefore is not technically in line to receive command of the ship, however, he is qualified to take command if the need arose.

Early Career

Lt. Kaii joined Starfleet shortly after the end of the Cardassian occupation of Bajor. He served on several starships and received several awards for valor for service performed during the Dominion War.

Prior to joining the U.S.S. Sisko, Lt. Kaii was assigned to Deep Space Nine. Lt. Kaii specifically asked for the assignment, noting his deep religious beliefs. Many other Bajoran Starfleet officers also requested the assignment, however, Kaii's service record allowed him 'first dibs.'

Sisko Life

Lt. Kaii's extensive knowledge base allowed him to fit in well on board the Sisko. His immediate supervisor, Lt. Commander Minako Aino has listed him as an extreme asset, and Captain Ranma Saotome has cited him several times for his work in making sure the Sisko ran smoothly.

Nighthawk Project

Along with Lt. JC Devall, Lt. Kaii was in charge of what was known as the Nighthawk Project. The Nighthawk was a refit Type 11 shuttlecraft that was modified with a prototype cloaking device that was developed in defiance of the Treaty of Algeron.

Lt. Kaii, as well as Lt. Devall, were both responsible for retrofitting the Nighthawk to serve the needs of the Sisko on multiple occasions, as well as flying it in less than friendly situations.

Personal Life

Lt. Kaii spends a lot of his time with Lt. Devall, as they share many engineering interests, including a fascination with cloaking technology and 20th and 21st Century anime. Rumors have been spread about the two of them have a 'more than friends' relationship, however Lt. Devall is married and maintains he is committed to his wife. As well, while he does not admit it, other rumors point to a clandestine relationship between him and the ship's counselor, Lt. Jeff Fuchs.

Regardless, Lt. Kaii gets along very well with all members of the crew and is very personable.