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Commander Jitsia Carliz (Gras) is the NSO Command officer on the U.S.S. Miyazaki; having completed her training onboard the U.S.S. Benjamin L. Sisko with the Sisko's NSO forces.


Commander Carliz has certainly made a name for herself in her so far short, but spectacular career.

Graduating early from secondary school on Trill, Commander Carliz joined Starfleet Academy when she was only sixteen; two years earlier than most cadets. She took advanced courses while she was there, took extra courses, and was allowed to skip many others due to her advanced placement, and graduated two and a half years later, just shy of her nineteenth birthday.

Her first position as an Ensign was as a weapons officer on the U.S.S. Richmond (NCC 4055) where her keen intellect and excellent strategic thinking helped the Richmond deal a crippling blow to an Orion smuggling ring. Starfleet Command was so impressed with her time on the Richmond that after only a year they allowed her to bypass Lt. Junior Grade and placed her as a Lieutenant in Starfleet Tactical Command - Southern Command (STC-SC) where she helped develop tactics and defensive postures against an increasingly more aggressive Klingon Empire.

At age twenty-three she was made the youngest command officer in Starfleet history when she was promoted to Lt. Commander and assigned command of the U.S.S. DeSoto (a Saber-class escort - NCC 68004); assigned to patrol disputed territory between the Federation-Klingon border. However many of her supervisors in STC-SC felt she was 'wasting her talents' as a tactician and sent to Cardassia to serve as a training and strategy officer with the LDC-Cardassian Military joint peacekeeping operation there.

That is where she remained until being recruited by Starfleet Intelligence's Black Operations Agency (SIGOA) for the NSO position.


Commander Carliz initially faced resistance from some of the members of the Sisko's NSO teams, as they felt her young age and lack of any 'real world experience' made her more of a liability than an asset. Even the Sisko's youngest NSO enlistees had fought during the Dominion War, however, Commander Carliz was not yet enrolled in the Academy when the war ended.

Regardless, after seeing her in action their reservations faded and Commander Carliz acclimated well, thanks to both her skill and her outgoing personality.

Commander Carliz is said to be in a relationship with the Sisko's NSO commander, Commander Rei Hino, however, neither officer's personnel file reflects this.


Commander Carliz, a Trill, was tested and found suitable for joining when she was twenty-four years old. The symbiont, Gras, had been joined with hosts who had taken either security-based Starfleet jobs, or Trill military jobs since it had been born, and Jitsia had come from a military-based family as well (her father dying in the Second Battle of Chin'Toka), so their match seemed to be perfect.

However not all is what it appeared. The Gras symbiont seemed to have the ability to exert more 'control' over Jitsia than the symbionts are normally capable of doing. Rumors abound of Jitsia performing 'tasks' to make good on threats made by the previous Gras host; all of which against her will.

The apex came when Jitsia brought on Lt. Commander Siohxx Ishran, a Bolian male, to be second in command of her NSO team out of 'love' and 'attraction', despite the fact that she neither loved nor was attracted to him. Lt. Commander Ishran seemed to have a special relationship with the Gras symbiont that Gras was trying to reciprocate through Jitsia.

Around stardate 62827, Commander Carliz was found unconscious and bleeding in her quarters, having attempted to crudely cut the Gras symbiont out of her. Further investigation revealed that she had been sexually assaulted by Lt. Commander Ishran. Commander Carliz recovered from her injuries and the symbiont was removed by the Sisko's medical staff.

Gras was sent back to Trill. The Symbiosis Commission admitted that this was not the first time there had been 'issues' with the Gras symbiont and as such it was determined it was too dangerous to be placed in another host. Gras was destroyed.

Lt. Commander Ishran was arrested and is currently awaiting court-martial. He faces up to fifteen years in a Starfleet prison if convicted on all charges.


On stardate 63014, Commander Carliz took command of her NSO forces and transferred to the U.S.S. Miyazaki. Their current duty assignment is classified Black One, but it is assumed the Miyazaki is operating in the 'southern' end of Federation space, dealing with threats from the Klingon Empire.