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Captain Karyn Walker was placed in command of the U.S.S. Benjamin Sisko after Captain Ranma Saotome was demoted to Commander and had his command taken away from him.

Early Career

Little is known about Captain Walker's early career. What is known is that she has not stayed on one ship for very long as she is very goal-oriented, and once an opportunity for advancement arose, she jumped on it.

Her previous assignment was on the U.S.S. Kaori (NCC 22314), a Norway class ship, where she was the executive officer for seven months.

Personal Life

Walker kept her personal life to herself, never opening up to her crewmates. What is known is that she was, at least at one point, engaged. This engagement abruptly ended during shore leave just prior to her final mission aboard the Sisko.

She also appeared to have come from a long line of military and Starfleet officers. Her attitude was quite evident of that. She was very formal with her superiors and quite disapproving of senior officers being too friendly with lower-ranking officers and especially enlisted personnel.

Physical Description

Height: 165cm
Weight: 57kg
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Race: Human/North American*
Blood Type: B
Birthdate: December 17

*Walker is reportedly of Cherokee descent, making her skin tone very close to Saotome's, causing some confusion when Saotome is affected by his Jusenkyo curse.

Sisko Life

Her life aboard the Sisko did not start out easily. She was resented as the entire crew has grown to respect and admire Captain Saotome. However, when Saotome returned from his court-martial, things began to ease up and Walker began to get more respect and compliance out of the crew.

As mentioned, Walker's style of command was different from Saotome's. Walker, having come from a long line of Starfleet, and before that Earth military officers, caused her to run the ship in a much more 'by the book' manner than Saotome did.

One of the primary complaints was the 'integration' she attempted with the NEO teams and the remainder of the crew, which ended up in most of them doing maintenance work and various other menial tasks.

While in time, she lightened up a bit to allow more 'casual' behavior among her crew and senior officers, she still kept a tight leash.

Valarie Crash

Walker's time aboard the Sisko ended when she was killed along with more than 40 Sisko crew members when the Sisko crashed into the inhabited planet of Valarie.