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1st Lieutenant Kio Yuki is a member of the U.S.S. Sisko's NEO Special Operations team and currently serves as team leader of 'Bravo Team'.

Early Career

Lt. Yuki's career with Starfleet started off in the Land Defense Corps, Starfleet's version of a land-based army. She worked her way up from the lowest rank of Specialist to Chief Warrant Officer where she was moved to the 3rd Ranger Infantry Unit. In the 3RIU she was assigned to Tilar 3, a prospective Federation planet that requested peacekeeping assistance after a long and bloody civil war.

It was there she met and married Nick Yuki, a fellow Warrant Officer. Her marriage ended in tragedy, however as a year into her deployment she and a small detachment she was leading, including her husband, was acting on intelligence that a small rebel group might be forming to assault the still fledgling unified government.

The intel turned out to only be partially accurate however as the group was much larger than they were expecting and her detachment was ambushed en route to where they were expecting to engage the rebels. Over 100 Starfleet LDC soldiers were killed in the battle, including Nick Yuki.

Then Chief Warrant Officer Yuki took her husband's death hard and blamed herself for leading her detachment into the ambush. She requested a transfer off the planet. Commander Rei Hino, having just assumed command of the NSO task force was shown her previous record and was impressed and offered her a position aboard the Sisko as team leader of Bravo Team. Lt. Yuki accepted on the condition that she could also bring her fellow soldier, Master Sargent Anthony Schaefer with her.

The Ambush

Lt. Yuki continued to blame herself for the ambush despite an internal Starfleet review clearing her of any fault in the matter. Starfleet cited faulty intelligence due to the fact that their primary source for intel regarding the Tilarian rebels was a double agent.

Nonetheless, the deaths - and in particular the death of her husband - continue to weigh on her to this day.

NEO Service

Lt. Yuki's service record since coming aboard the Sisko has had mixed reviews from her commanding officer. Commander Hino has noted in her service record that she has 'certain leadership issues' and 'occasional personality problems'. At the same time Hino has also noted that Yuki is 'an outstanding soldier' and 'an asset to the ship and Starfleet', showing that regardless of what Commander Hino thinks of her personally, she has the utmost respect for her skills and her ability to carry out a mission.

Included in this is the capture of Salek, the former Vulcan Minister of Intelligence, and Zack Young, a former Federation councilman and head of the very powerful 'Peace and Protection Committee'; both of whom were responsible for the near destruction of the Federation and hundreds if not thousands of both civilian and Starfleet deaths.

In what was an unfortunate replay of her previous assignment, Lt. Yuki and her group ran into a small ambush while attempting to capture Salek which resulted in the death of Sgt. Micheal Simpson.


Due to the nature of her work, Lt. Yuki is unable to be publicly cited for any work done aboard the Sisko. She has, however, received the following medals for her work as of Stardate 61372:


  • Starfleet Distinguished Service Cross (With Valor)
  • Starfleet Distinguished Service Medal (Twice)
  • Starfleet Silver Star (Twice)
  • Starfleet Purple Heart



For two years, Lt. Yuki had been taking 'remote' classes through Starfleet's LDC Academy. On the long trip back from Valarie she managed to finish the classes and was granted a commission from her enlisted rank of Chief Warrant Officer to the officer rank of 2nd Lieutenant.

Captain Ranma Saotome in fact sent a letter to the LDC requesting that she be allowed to skip the lowest rank and be promoted directly to 1st Lieutenant, however, the LDC declined the request stating that she would need to spend at least a year in her first officer rank, just like all newly commissioned officers.