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Lt. Commander Kirk Shelton is a member of the NEO Special Operations division. He currently stands as second in command of the division.

Early Career

Lt. Commander Shelton has been assigned to Starfleet Security since his graduation from the academy. He has received several service medals and commendations, most of which came during the Dominion War.

Prior to joining the Sisko, Lt. Commander Shelton was assigned to the USS Enterprise (NCC 1701-D/E). Lt. Commander Shelton was a security officer on board the Sisko, ranked Lieutenant, before being selected for the NEO Special Operations (NSO) division by Commander Rei Hino.

Sisko Life

Lt. Commander Shelton's life on the Sisko is primarily spent working and training in the NSO command center. He mainly works with Commander Hino and Lt. Clay Dowis to improve the tactics of the enlisted and non-commissioned officers (NCO) assigned to the NSO teams.

Lt. Commander Shelton theoretically should be in charge of Bravo Team of the NSO division, however in a joint decision both he and Commander Hino decided to place an NCO, then Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) Kio Yuki in charge. This decision has been questioned on several occasions, however Lt. Commander Shelton has constantly pushed Commander Hino to leave CWO Yuki in charge to both reduce the disruption from changing team consistency and to help build CWO Yuki's leadership abilities.

Lt. Commander Shelton has seen combat on several occasions since joining the Sisko, both while assigned to security and as an NSO officer, and proven himself as an asset to the ship. Commander Hino has stated in official logs that she would 'stab' anyone who attempted to transfer him.