Commander Makoto Kino

Makoto Kino's Rank!

Commander Makoto Kino is the Chief of Security/Tactical Officer for the U.S.S. Benjamin Sisko. She is also the liaison officer between the Sisko's Marine compliment and the Captain, as well as the NEO Special Operations team and the Captain.

Early Career

Commander Kino's history is sketchy, to say the least. Her official record is either full of commendations and recommendations from the ships she's served on, or full of mystery, depending on when you checked it.

Prior to approximately Stardate 60100, Commander Kino's record stated that she was killed when the warp core of her Runabout scout craft breeched, resulting in the ship being destroyed. This was about seven years ago.

After 60100, her record was changed to reflect a long history of ships, complete with supervising officer recommendations. According to her current service record, her most recent ship served on was the U.S.S. Roseville (NCC-33074).

Sisko Life

Commander Kino joined the Sisko around Stardate 60100. She replaced the deceased Lt. Mousse as CoS/CTO. As one of the few crew members on board who was actually allowed to be placed in a position she was suited for, she acclimated into her position well.

Despite having been responsible for serious acts of violence against some of the crew members while on a pirate ship, she was forgiven when it was determined that she wasn't fully in control of her actions.

Commander Kino has received multiple commendations since joining the Sisko, one for her actions aboard a Kuno cube after Captain Saotome, Commander Shampoo, and others were captured, as well as for her work trying to stop the Vulcan terrorist Vor'Gal.

Shortly after joining the Sisko's crew, Commander Kino married the Sisko's barkeeper and lone civilian, Gosnell. It is unknown how they know each other, as neither is willing to discuss how they met or how long they have known each other. However, it is quite obvious that they have a past.