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Lt. Mousse was the Chief of Security/Chief Tactical Officer of the U.S.S. Benjamin Sisko. On Stardate 60109, Lt. Mousse, as well as 16 other members of the Sisko's security detail were killed fending off an alleged Romulan boarding party.


Lt. Mousse, while not the most trustworthy of officers due to his vision issues, was a competent officer when he needed to be. Because of that, he quickly excelled through the ranks of Ensign and Lieutenant JG in Starfleet security.

Serving on only two starships prior to the Sisko, he was rarely disciplined, though he did have numerous incidents of overreacting, as well as issues where he got argumentative when it turned out his next assignment was not with Commander Shampoo.

His previous assignment was on the U.S.S. Nekohanten (NCC 31029).


Normally an officer by the rank of Lieutenant would not qualify for the position of CoS/CTO, however, like most of Captain Ranma Saotome's crew, the protocol was overridden by Admiral Genma Saotome and Admiral Happosai.

Despite his obvious failings and relative inexperience, for the most part, Lt. Mousse performed adequately at his post. There were some exceptions, most notably the incident at the San Francisco Spacedock.


After a piloting error by then Ensign Ryouga Hibiki, the Sisko appeared to be running smoothly towards the spacedock exits. However further piloting errors caused the ship to drift away from the doors, then eventually towards the roof of the dock.

Captain Saotome quickly ordered shields to be raised to reduce the damage to the ship as the result of what was to be a certain collision. However in the ensuing panic, Lt. Mousse managed to lose his glasses, and rather than activating the shields, he fired a torpedo from an armed launcher.

The torpedo impacted the dock and blew a hole which allowed the Sisko to drift out unharmed, but Captain Saotome was fined and given a demerit for keeping his launchers armed while in spacedock.


Obviously, if you have read Moon Trek II: Section 31, then you know the truth behind the incident in engineering. However, for the sake of 'immersion', this, and several other characters and information pages have the information reported 'in character'.

The facts regarding the death of Lt. Mousse and the 16 other security officers are questionable. Official logs state that there was an assault led by a fringe group of Romulans on the Sisko and they managed to board the ship. However, there is very little corroborating evidence to back that claim up.

Rumors claim that a rouge Section 31 agent boarded the ship in an attempt to destroy it to cover up knowledge gained by the Sisko crew. Lt. Mousse was shot and killed by this agent in defense of the Sisko's XO, Commander Shampoo. The agent was eventually killed by Commander Rei Hino.

Regardless of the actual story, Lt. Mousse's death was determined to be in honor and in the defense of his ship and crewmates. He and the others killed in the altercation were posthumously awarded the Federation's top honor, the Federation Presidential Medal of Valor.

Lt. Mousse is currently interred at his home village in China on Earth.