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Commander Rei Hino is the commanding officer of the covert special operations task force assigned to the U.S.S. Benjamin Sisko, code named NEO.


Commander Rei Hino spent the first part of her career as an enlisted NCO assigned to Starfleet Security based out of Tokyo as a police officer. After the death of her husband, Mamoru Chiba, she enrolled in Starfleet Academy where she progressed quickly and served on several ships before joining the Sisko.

Her prior assignment to the Sisko was the USS Kasei (NCC-50034), as Deputy Chief of Security.


Like many of the crewmembers assigned to the Sisko, Commander Hino's assignment was out of place given her skill set. Rei was promoted to Lt. Commander when assigned to the Sisko, and as such, outranked Lt. Mousse. She was also far more qualified than him for the position of Chief of Security/Chief Tactical Officer but was assigned to the position of Ship's Counselor, despite having no experience in psychology or any educational background for the position.

Commander Hino also had several issues with anger and personality conflicts that prohibited her from doing a satisfactory job.


Commander Hino was part of the group of bridge officers that was kidnapped by the 'Space Pirates.' During her time in custody, she was shot by Makoto Kino. Kino was eventually remanded into the Sisko's custody and now works as Chief of Security/Tactical Operations.


Obviously, if you have read Moon Trek II: Section 31, then you know the truth behind the incident in engineering. However, for the sake of 'immersion', this, and several other characters and information pages have the information reported 'in character'.

Official reports state that a group of renegade Romulans managed to board the Sisko and assault engineering. The repelling of which killed CoS Lt. Mousse, 16 Sisko security personnel, and Commander Hino's assumed to be dead husband, Mamoru Chiba.

Unofficial rumors however state that Chiba was a Section 31 operative who had faked his own death many years ago and had boarded the Sisko due to their knowledge of the USS Minneapolis; a Section 31 ship.

To finally stop Chiba's attempt to destroy the Sisko, Commander Hino attacked and was eventually forced to kill her husband, but not before he was responsible for the death of Lt. Mousse.


Due to the events in Sisko's engine room, Commander Hino had become reclusive and withdrawn, even to her friends. She had considered resigning her commission. However, with the assistance of her assistant counselor, Lt. Jeff Fuchs, she managed to work through her emotional issues. She was not, however, ready to assume her assigned role on the ship.

Regardless, she still proved valuable when the Kunos again attacked the alpha quadrant. Commander Hino led a group over to a disabled Kuno cube and saved her crewmates, almost at the cost of her own life.

Due to this, she was removed from the councilor position and placed in command of the newly formed NEO Special Operations team, complete with promotion to Commander.


On Stardate 60206, Commander Hino assumed command of the NEO Special Operations division.

Commander Hino not only oversees the unit, but she is also the team leader on Alpha Team, the six-member team consisting of mostly officers (whereas the other three teams consist of mainly enlisted personnel).