Lt. Commander Usagi Tsukino

Usagi Tsukino's Rank!

Lt. Commander Usagi Tsukino is the Chief Engineer aboard the U.S.S. Benjamin Sisko. As the Chief Engineer, she falls as fifth in command of the Sisko.

Early Career

Prior to her assignment on the Sisko, Lt. Commander Tsukino was an ensign, never having been able to pass any tests to qualify her for promotion to her next rank.

Having originally started out in Starfleet Culinary, the widespread usage of replicators on starships quickly made that position moot. She then moved into Starfleet security, but multiple accidents and repeated 'mishandling of firearms' demerits ended up getting her moved to Starfleet engineering where she was placed on damage control teams, mainly working on routine maintenance issues; light bulbs, carpet cleaning, things of that nature.

After about four months aboard the U.S.S. Millennium (NCC 10293), at the authority of both Admiral Genma Saotome and Admiral Happosai, she was pushed up to Lt. Commander and assigned to the Sisko as her Chief Engineer.

Accident Record

Lt. Commander Tsukino holds the distinct and rather gloomy record of having the most on-the-job accidents of any single officer currently serving in Starfleet. Fortunately, all of her accidents have either resulted in no injuries or have only resulted in minor injury to herself.

Sisko Life

Despite having very little knowledge of the actual engine room, Lt. Commander Tsukino became thrilled to take her post on board the Sisko after finding out that several of her old friends were on board.

As for the actual running of engineering and the ship, Lt. Commander Tsukino was supplemented with very experienced and talented engineers that managed to handle the day-to-day operations of the Sisko. Eventually, Lt. JC Devall came on board and assumed the position of Assistant Chief Engineer, which greatly increased the productivity of the engineering department.

For her credit, Lt. Commander Tsukino did not simply sit back and allow others to do all the work. While more of a hindrance than a help at first, Lt. Commander Tsukino constantly forced her way into major operations and eventually (while not becoming Chief Engineer material by any stretch of the imagination) became a competent engineer.

Personal Life

As a single woman on board the Sisko, Lt. Commander Tsukino has what some have described as an 'active dating life.' Lt. Commander Tsukino seems to have a taste for Sisko security personnel and has been seen with several of them.

She spends the rest of her free time with her other friends, Lt. Commander Minako Aino, Commander Makoto Kino, and Commander Rei Hino.

Pirate Ship Incident

Lt. Commander Tsukino was one of four officers who was captured by the 'Space Pirates.' According to her reports, she was interrogated by them - rumors are present that Makoto Kino was involved, but logs do not seem to reflect this - in hopes to gain access to a Federation latinum deposit.