Valari (NZ-12G)

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Valari is an M-class planet orbiting the star registered in the official Federation star log as NZ-12G. NZ-12G is approximately 16,000 light-years from Earth and nearly 15,000 light-years out of Federation space. Valari is in the Alpha Quadrant of the galaxy, is what would be considered ‘northwest’ of Deep Space Nine and Bajoran space, and is about 3,000 light-years from the farthest explored areas of the quadrant. 

Valari is the fourth planet from the star, is of similar size to Earth, and has two natural satellites. The vast majority of the planet is covered in water. There are two large continents on each hemisphere, as well as several small island chains interspersed around the planet.

The planet has a humanoid population of around 1.5 billion that is in the late atomic era (around the early 21st century on Earth). They do not have a unified government, but rather have two large nation-states that are largely segregated from each other based on sub racial characteristics and religious views. These two nations are engaged in open conflict with each other, a conflict that has included the usage of nuclear weaponry. 

While normally a pre-warp civilization would not be contacted by the Federation, Commander Ranma Saotome was forced to after the U.S.S. Benjamin Sisko crashed on the planet (see Valari Incident). After the crew was recovered and the Sisko destroyed, a survey crew was sent back to the planet to see what impact the knowledge of alien life had on the culture and government.