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Erin is a web programmer and local news photojournalist who has been an anime fan since high school and a Star Trek fan for even longer. 

During his college years, a bit more drinking was done than probably should have been, and as a goof, or maybe tribute, Erin started to work on Moon Trek: The Wrath Of Kuno for his roommate. Laughs were had as his roommate was drinking too much too. For whatever reason, Erin decided not to simply end things there with the wacky antics of Ranma, Usagi, and the others, but to try and make it a real story. This is what causes the weird and seemingly out-of-place shift in tone towards the end of the story.

That and he's not a good writer. Not back then, not now. 

At the end of the day, Erin decided to make a sequel. Then another one. Then another. Now, there are ten full-length novels. 

Anyway, you came here to read about Erin, I presume. Yes, I am writing about myself in the third person. Erin is working on changing careers to do website development full-time. He has an infrequently updated blog, 421a.MOE, and likes to try and talk to celebrities on Twitter. He's single, which I am sure is quite surprising (to no one), and loves Rice Krispie treats. If he could have any pet in the world it would either be a ferret or a dragon. 

Please feel free to contact him if you want! Thanks for stopping by the website, regardless.