Chapter 6 - Unwelcome

The five Sailor Senshi, as well as Luna and Artemis slowly crept down a darkened alleyway in the Azabu-Jubaan district of Tokyo.

Luna had detected NegaEnergy and had quickly summoned the girls. They transformed on the way over and were now trying to pinpoint the exact location of what they assumed was another Negaverse youma.

“There is a concert going on in a park a couple of blocks from here,” Sailor Venus mentioned.

“You think they might be planning on attacking it?” Sailor Mars gasped.

“There would be several dozen people there,” Luna pondered. “They could gather a large amount of energy from them.”

“Especially considering the excitement a concert would generate,” Sailor Mercury added.

“We better hurry then,” Artemis suggested, hopping onto Sailor Venus’ shoulder.

The group of girls nodded and began sprinting. It was just after dark, and there were not a lot of people around. They could see the lights coming from the small stage in the small park not too far away.

“There,” Sailor Moon pointed.

“Thanks, eagle-eye,” Mars chuckled.

Sailor Moon stuck her tongue out at Mars as she giggled as well.

The five and two cats ran the rest of the way in silence till they arrived at the back of the stage. Sailor Jupiter and Mars looked around confused as there didn’t seem to be anyone around.

Artemis hopped off Venus and began to investigate with Luna as Sailor Moon, Venus, and Mercury looked around in a different direction.

After a few moments, all three groups returned, none finding anything suspicious.

“I’m still detecting NegaEnergy,” Mercury said, checking her scanner.

“The Sailor Senshi?!” a man gasped as he came around the corner.

The group turned to him. Based on the way he was dressed, he looked to be a maintenance worker.

“Is something wrong?” he asked. “Do we need to cancel the concert?”

Venus shook her head and smiled. “No. We’re just checking some things out and being...”

“Precautionary,” Mars finished.

“Oh,” the man nodded. “Well let me know if you need anything,” he said, turning away and resuming his duties.

The Sailor Senshi all nodded and began to turn away as well. Mercury checked her scanner quickly, then nodded to Jupiter.

“SUPREME THUNDER!!!” Jupiter called out, spinning around. Her lighting attack barely missed the man as he jumped away, ripping his human body off, and becoming some semi-sexy half ferret-half woman youma.

“Ha!” it laughed. “You saw through my disguise! Well, no matter! I shall take your energy for my queen, then I will nibble at your toes!”

“You’ll do what now?” Mars asked.

The youma fired some energy at the group which most of them easily avoided. Sailor Moon managed to get out of the way but fell flat on her face in the process.

She cried loudly as Luna came to check on her.

“Sailor Moon, snap out of it and zap this thing!”

“But... but... I haven’t done my... my... speech yet,” she slobbered.

Luna sighed as Mars fired off her attack, winging the ferret monster.

“Well hurry up,” Luna growled.

Sailor Moon nodded and stood.

“You there!” Sailor Moon barked at the youma. It turned and looked towards her curiously. “I am the Sailor Warrior of love and justice! Sailor Moon! You come to the park to pick on poor people just here to listen to...” she paused, listening to the music for a moment before glowering, “...orchestra? Yuck...”

“Sailor Moon!” Luna snapped.

“Right! In the name of the Moon, I’ll punish you!” she concluded, doing her Sailor Moon acrobatics in the process.

The youma looked at Sailor Moon frightened as Sailor Moon spun her crescent moon wand around a few times.

“MOON HEALING ESCALATION!!!!!” Sailor Moon yelled, sending a charge of Moon energy at the youma.

In front of Sailor Moon, several Kuno drones beamed in, as well as George, Kodachi, and Tatewaki.

“Yoink!” George smiled as he ripped the wand out of Sailor Moon’s hand.

“ARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!” the youma cried out as it died.

“Our timing was a bit off,” Kodachi pointed out.

George shrugged and grabbed Sailor Moon by the arm.

“LET GO OF HER!” Mars yelled, running at George.

Kodachi quickly turned and ripped off her dress, sending black rose petals flying as she was now stripped down to her leotard. She, just as fast, pulled out her rhythmic gymnastics ribbon and within a second, wrapped up Mars, and placed her upside down on a mixing board.

A pair of the Kuno drones grabbed Luna and Artemis, who had begun to scratch them, by the scruffs of their neck, and placed them in a tree. They patted the kitties on the head, as Kuno drones seemed to like cats thanks to their hours and hours of reading early Earth internet memes while sitting in the nebula and moved over to where they could help defend their bosses.

George began to drag the kicking and screaming Sailor Moon away.

“If you want blondie here back, talk to Nephrite and Kunzite,” he smiled. “I assure you; she won’t be harmed unless they tell us things haven’t gone well between you guys.”

The gaggle of Kunos turned to walk away, the Senshi too stunned to do anything, when suddenly, there was a guitar riff.

A rose flew like a missile, landing next to George’s foot.

George just stepped around it.

This time the guitar riff was louder. Another rose came rocketing through, nearly hitting Tatewaki, and this time striking George’s shoe.

“VILE FIEND! YOU NEARLY STUCK THE BLUE THUNDER OF THIS ALTERNATE UNIVERSE!” Tatewaki screeched, drawing his bokken. George looked down at his shoe.

“Shit!” he whimpered. “These are 1000-dollar LeBron Durant Jordan Nikes too,” he growled, looking at the scuff mark before he spun around to see who threw the rose.

The group saw Tuxedo Mask standing behind the Senshi.

“Return Sailor Moon at once,” he ordered.

“You DARE issue an order to us?” Tatewaki laughed. “Do you not know who we are?”

“I don’t care,” Tuxedo Mask replied. “All I know is that you cannot take what does not belong to you.”

“How can he not care?” Tatewaki pondered. “We are the great and noblest of all noblemen. It’s inconceivable that he would not wish to know of us.”

Kodachi, indifferent to her brother’s ramblings, cackled. “Who’s going to stop us? You?”

A smug grin came across Tuxedo Mask’s partially exposed face. “I will punish you for the crime against love and justice you’ve committed.”

Sailor Moon swooned, causing George to groan.

“Sic ‘em, Tate,” Kodachi grinned.

“Can someone untie me?” Mars called from where she was.

Tatewaki let out a loud battle cry as he charged at Tuxedo Mask.

“MERCURY AQUA MIST!” Mercury cried out, nailing Tatewaki with a blast of energy and water.


“It’s just water you fucking spaz!” George facepalmed.

“CHEATER!” Kodachi cried, flinging her rhythmic gymnastic balls at Mercury, hitting her. The balls exploded, sending paralysis powder all over her and Jupiter.

“I can’t move!” Jupiter groaned as she and Mercury fell to the ground.

Tatewaki quickly recovered from Mercury’s attack and swung his sword at Tuxedo Mask. Capeboy dodged the swing and swung back with his cane. The pair fought for a bit before Tuxedo Mask finally got in a good swing and broke Tatewaki’s bokken.

“NO!” Tatewaki cried.

“I keep telling you,” George sighed, shoving Usagi to a couple of the drones, then pulling out his phaser.

“You just need to start shooting these mother fuckers.”

George shot Tuxedo Mask dead center in his chest. Tuxedo Mask gasped before falling over backward and hitting the ground. All five of the Senshi screamed at the sight.

“Let’s go,” George ordered.

Tatewaki, now over the death of his sword, ran and grabbed the two rose-turned-projectiles that were on the ground.

“One for Akane Tendo, one for the Pig-tailed Girl.”

George grinned.

“USAGI!!!!!!!!!” Venus yelled. “VENUS CRESCENT BEAM SMASH!!!!”

George is blasted in the back by the massive golden magic beam shot from Sailor Venus. He’s sent tumbling forward several meters as the ground around him explodes from the destructive nature of her attack. George, scorched, but otherwise unharmed, stands and turns around, glaring at a very distressed Sailor Venus, with rage in his eyes.

“You don’t know how lucky you are that Nephrite and Kunzite asked us to leave you all alive...” he mumbled before activating the transporter, beaming his siblings, the six drones, Sailor Moon, and himself back to their ship.

Venus, after shaking off the fact that one of her most potent attacks did nothing to the Usagi-napper, ran over and untied Mars. They then sprinted around, checking on Tuxedo Mask, who was just stunned, Mercury and Jupiter, and then running to get the two cats out of the tree they had been put in.

Ranma, Makoto, and Minako marched in step with each other down the corridor towards transporter room one with Ryouga and another marine trailing a couple of meters behind them.

“Ryouga,” Ranma called out, without turning around.


“If by chance they ask any...” Ranma paused, trying to find what he thought would be the ‘right’ way to phrase this. “...weird questions, try not to be too specific and let me know, okay?”

Ryouga nodded. “Sure.”

Makoto, despite wanting to turn around and slap Ryouga for being so informal with Ranma, something she has scolded him about on countless occasions, looked to Ranma.

“You think they might have an agenda?”

Ranma shrugged. “No offense, but I don’t like secret organizations.”

Makoto laughed. “None taken, sir.”

Ranma smiled as the group turned and walked into the transporter room; Ryouga and his partner staying outside in the corridor.

Ranma leaned against the operator’s console for a couple of moments before he stood up straight, adjusted his uniform, then looked to Makoto, Minako, then the transporter operator. Ranma nodded to the transporter chief who began the transporter sequence.

The group watched two women appear on the transporter pad. Both appeared to be wearing semi-formal attire; one with short, brown hair - a men’s tie dangling halfway down her very well-endowed chest. Her skirt, probably too tight and too short for someone who worked on starships, and certainly not the way Ranma thought she should be dressing.

The other one was a bit more conservative. She had long, pink hair, three red dots on her forehead, the same white business shirt on with the same men’s tie making not even halfway down her comically oversized breasts.

Her pants were black suit pants, however. She seemed to be ‘the professional’ one, and as such, Ranma assumed she was the leader of the group.

“Hello, Captain,” the brown-haired one jiggled forward, stepping out in front of the pink-haired one and extending her arm. “I’m Kirie Kojime, deputy assistant director of temporal operations for the Sol Sector block, and this is my partner, Miharu Sena-Kanaka.”

Ranma shook Kirie’s hand, averting his eyes slightly both to avoid seeing what she was not making any real attempt to hide and to protect them from any buttons that would spontaneously dislodge from her shirt.

“Uh, Deputy Assistant Director,” Ranma nodded.

“You can just refer to us as ‘Agents’,” Miharu smiled.

Ranma nodded slightly, despite Kirie scowling at her assistant. Ranma was beginning to wonder exactly who was in charge between the two of them, and whether ‘deputy assistant director’ was in fact a real title. Looking them up probably wouldn’t help, however. The DTI was more secret than his group and nearly as secret as Section 31, so it wasn’t as they would have a Wiki entry in the Starfleet database.

“Well, Agents Kojime, Kanaka,” Ranma continued, motioning towards the two officers with him, “this is my chief of operations, Lt. Commander Minako Hibiki, and my chief tactical officer and head of security, Commander Makoto Kino-Gosnell.”

Miharu smiled and greeted the pair while Kirie nodded and very curtly shook their hands. Kirie then turned to Makoto and handed her a PADD.

“We need the following protocols put in place before we can depart,” she stated, walking over to Minako, where she handed the blonde operations officer a PADD. “As well, Commander Hibiki, we have various sensor and feedback calibrations that need to be put in place to ensure we’re not detected by anyone and accidentally trigger a premature first contact mission to Earth.”

Minako nodded and took the PADD. Kirie turned back to Ranma before moving towards the door.

“We’re going to need a place to work both on and off the bridge.”

Ranma nodded. “Yes, we were sent a request, and we have an office set up for you on deck six-”

“Deck six?” Kirie asked, grumpily.

“Decks two through five are mainly crew quarters,” Ranma explained.

“It will be fine, thank you, Captain,” Miharu smiled. Ranma nodded and smiled back before continuing.

“The science station on the bridge is all yours,” he smiled.

“I hope your science officer won’t be upset,” Miharu smiled.

Ranma smirked as both Minako and Makoto laughed. “I am sure they’ll get over it.”

“What’s funny?” Kirie asked.

“Minako’s the closest thing this ship has to a science officer,” Makoto explained.

“What kind of starship doesn’t have a science officer?” Kirie asked, shocked.

Ranma smiled as he shrugged. “This kind.” He escorted the pair out of the transporter room and passed them off to Ryouga.

“Captain Hibiki and Sargent Suran here will show you to your quarters and then show you where your office is. I need to deal with Starfleet,” Ranma explained. Ranma smiled at Kirie and Miharu as the enlisted Marine took their bags. “Thursday night is all-you-can-eat pizza night in the lounge. I highly recommend it.”

Miharu smiled widely as Kirie nodded. “Thank you, Captain.”

The two DTI agents went off with the marines as Ranma and his bridge officers walked off in the other direction.

“At the risk of sounding judgmental,” Makoto said, once she was out of earshot, “but the short-haired one is a bitch.”

Ranma simply shook his head. “There’s nothing wrong with being all business.”

“I guess,” Makoto groaned. “I’m going to keep my eye on her, though. I know those types.”

“Those types?” Minako asked as the three entered a turbolift.

“Yeah,” Makoto explained. “Civilians who are given a little bit of oversight then suddenly think they have the power to dictate everything.” Makoto turned to Ranma. “I guarantee that at least once on this mission you’re going to have to remind her that she’s simply an advisor and an observer.”

Ranma nodded. “I made my displeasure of having them with us known to Starfleet. You’d think we, of all people, they’d trust with not completely throwing the Prime Directive out the window.”

Both Minako and Makoto nodded as the turbolift stopped and the trio stepped out onto the bridge. Shampoo quickly stood and rushed up to Ranma.

“Ranma,” she glowered.

“What’s wrong?”

“Panda will not stop calling for you.”

Ranma facepalmed. Primarily to hide the chuckle from the nickname Shampoo had begun calling his father. “Is he-”

The operations terminal began to chirp. Kaii looked to Ranma and nodded.

“On screen,” Ranma groaned.

“Ranma, where have you been?” Genma flailed his arms.

“I’ve been dealing with the policemen you sent to watch us on this mission,” Ranma sighed. “What’s wrong?”

“When are you departing?” Genma asked.

“In the morning.”


“It’s a temporal portal, Admiral,” Ranma grumbled. “DTI has determined that once it’s opened, we will crossover somewhere between one minute and one hour after the cube did, regardless of when we leave.”

Minako nodded. “As well, the portal seems to have well over six days of stability left.”

Genma calmed down a bit. “I see.”

“We have a lot of sensor, shield, weapons, and engine work that the DTI gave us to take care of before we can leave,” Ranma continued. “I’m as anxious to get this over with as you are, but...” Ranma trailed off and shrugged.

“Well, all of their modifications are to help protect the temporal prime directive,” Genma said, far calmer now than he was when he called.

“Right, right,” Ranma nodded.

Genma sat there in silence for a moment before nodding. “Well, call me before you depart.”

“Yes sir.”

Genma smiled slightly and closed the channel. Ranma looked to Shampoo, then Makoto, and then Minako. “Can second shift handle the modifications?”

All three officers nodded.

“Then we’re done. I’m hungry.”

The bridge officers all smiled as the second shift officers were summoned to take over for them.

To say Gosnell was having a hard time keeping up with Miharu’s trips to his pizza buffet would not only be an understatement; it would be a flat-out lie.

Jitsia, who begrudgingly had agreed to come with Rei and several other NEO officers for dinner to the lounge could only stare in amazement at the woman.

Rei’s jealousy was going mostly unnoticed.

Not totally, however.

“Commander?” Kio smirked.

Rei’s eyes slowly moved to Kio who was seated next to her.


Kio simply grinned.


Kio continued to grin.

“I will knock that grin right into Mars if you don’t tell me what you’re grinning about,” Rei scowled.

Kio looked around quickly, noticing that both other NSO soldiers that were seated next to them had gone to get pizza while there was still some left, leaned in and whispered in Rei’s ears.

“She’s yours. Your jealousy is unnecessary.”

Rei nearly flipped over backward. “Jealousy?!” she scoffed. “You think... Me?!”

Kio just grinned, deciding to call Rei’s bluff on beating her senseless.

“Well...” Rei looked to Jitsia, who had returned her attention to her dinner, before turning back to Kio. “...that other girl does have... bigger...”

Kio rolled her eyes. “So? You don’t see me worried-” Kio cut herself off when she saw Anthony at the pizza bar chatting with Miharu.

Rei couldn’t help but laugh.

“Excuse me,” Kio said, standing.

Jitsia looked up. “Where’s Kio going?”

Rei smiled. “I think we may need a new member of Bravo team soon,” Rei answered.

Jitsia looked back that direction to see Kio force herself between the pair, before bringing Anthony back in the direction of the table by his ear.

“You seem a little distant, Sia,” Rei said, noticing Jitsia was simply poking at her food, rather than eating it.

“Just stuff on my mind,” she replied.


Jitsia nodded.

Rei sighed. “I promised I’d take care of it, and I will.”

Jitsia smiled at Rei. “Thank you.”

Anthony was all but slammed into his seat.

“Dude, I told you,” he protested, “it turns out we were at the Lunar Outpost at the same time! We were making fun of this crotchety old Admiral!”

“Uh-huh,” Kio mumbled, shoving some pizza into her mouth.

Anthony sighed. “Seriously. Other than here, Luna Base was one of the breast times-”

Anthony slapped his hands over his mouth as Kio turned bright red.

“HOW COULD YOU NOT LOOK!?!” was his attempt at an excuse. It didn’t seem to work as Kio sent Anthony pinballing around the lounge before she sat down and resumed eating.

Jitsia’s eyes followed Miharu again as she walked back to the pizza bar.

Rei scowled.

“That’s like her tenth time over there,” Jitsia growled. “All of that HAS to go to her tits.”

Rei continued to scowl.

“Maybe if I ate like that, mine would grow?” Jitsia pondered, looking down at her own chest.

Rei’s scowl softened slightly. “Aw, yours are fine. And besides, Kio’s are small and she’s really pretty.”

“Yeah, thanks boss,” Kio grumbled.

“You should see her in a bikini,” Anthony said as he stumbled back to his seat. “They don’t look that small then.”

Kio rapped her fingernails on the table as she stared at Anthony, who was apparently oblivious as he had resumed eating. Jitsia chuckled and leaned forward.

“Oh, I’ve seen her in less, I know.”

The rapping increased in speed quite a bit. Anthony’s eyebrows raised.

“Do tell.”

“Okay!” Kio said, standing while simultaneously pulling Anthony from his seat by his ear. “We should all probably go to sleep early tonight in case we’re needed in the morning, so...”

Kio bowed slightly while maintaining her grip on her perverted Sergeant, “Commander, Commander, see you later.”

Rei, who was a little concerned as to whether Anthony was going to be beaten again, nodded. Jitsia waved goodbye to Kio and Anthony as Kio drug the reluctant man out of the lounge.

“So,” Rei started, turning to Jitsia. “How long have you been drunk?”

Jitsia shrugged. “Few hours.”

Rei shook her head. “Why?”

“Hurts less.”

“Don’t do this, Sia,” Rei sighed.

“I’ve never run away from anything before in my life, Rei,” she sighed. “but... if my mind is a mess, I can run away from the thoughts. I seemingly can run away from Gras.”

“Can you get it removed?”

Jitsia sighed. “Maybe. The Commission doesn’t like to do it unless the life of the symbiont or the host is at risk.” Jitsia leaned back and sighed. “There have been reports of symbionts that have more influence over a host than they ‘should’, but the Commission has dismissed most of them.”

“You’ve researched this?” Rei asked.

Jitsia nodded. “I’ve only had it for a year, but this is not the first time it’s pushed me into something I really didn’t want to do.”


Jitsia bit her lip. “You’ll keep my secret, no matter how wrong it is?”

Rei nodded.

“I fabricated a police report while I was on Cardassia,” Jitsia sighed. “I had a man killed because of a debt owed to Gras’ previous host.”

Rei inhaled deeply as she took that in.

“It was at that point I started seeing how I could get out of this,” Jitsia continued. “But it really didn’t look like I could unless someone else took the symbiont. But I didn’t want to condemn them to what I was going through...” she sighed. “To what I AM going through.”

Rei was about to say something when she noticed Ishran walk into the lounge. He quickly noticed the two, smiled, and walked over to them.

“Commander! Gras! How are you two this evening?”

“Good, thank you,” Jitsia softly replied.

“Fine, Commander,” Rei replied curtly.

“Do you mind if-” he began.

“Commander Hino, Commander Gras, please report to the bridge,” an obviously disguised Lieutenant Yuki’s voice called out.

“Well, that’s annoying timing,” Ishran, who didn’t seem to notice whose voice it was groused.

Jitsia nodded as she stood, stumbled a bit, then headed for the door.

“Yup,” she called as she scurried away.

Rei nodded to Ishran as she followed Jitsia out.


“You can let go of my ear at any time now,” Anthony whimpered.

Kio drug Anthony down the deck five corridor a bit more before slamming him into the wall. She poked him in the chest a couple of times before laughing slightly.

“Did you notice that she was drunk?” Kio asked.

“Commander Hino?”

“No, you blockhead,” Kio said, shaking her head. “Commander Gras.”

“Hrm,” Anthony pondered this for a moment. “No, I guess I didn’t notice.”

Kio sighed. “I shouldn’t have expected you to. Your observational skills have been declining recently. I may have to have Sargent Kagurazaka promoted to where he outranks you so he can assume second in command of our team.”

Anthony scoffed. “Fine. Better his blue balls than mine.”

“Please, as much time as you spend in the holodeck-”


Kio smiled, looked around quickly, then kissed Anthony. “I’ll make you a deal,” she whispered as she moved her mouth away from his and up to his ear.

“I’m listening,” he whispered back.

“Since apparently time will be frozen while we’re in the alternate universe, I’ll let you pretend I’m program Schaefer-Gamma-Nine.”

Anthony turned beet red.

“If we’re sure we’re cool,” she continued before moving back to Anthony’s mouth and kissing him again, “then, you delete that horrible, horrible program.”

Anthony nodded his head feverishly.

Kio moved away from Anthony as she heard someone coming down the corridor. The pair nodded a greeting to Lt. Commander Ishran as he headed for the lounge.

Once he was through the doors, Kio looked to Anthony.

“If she’s wasted, the last thing she needs right now is that guy,” Anthony said.

Kio nodded. “Commander Hino too, as she will murder him if he says the wrong thing.”

“That seems extreme,” Anthony blinked. “You know something I don’t?”

“I know a lot of things you don’t,” Kio nodded before clearing her throat and hitting her comm badge.

“Commander Hino, Commander Gras, please report to the bridge,” she said deepening her voice.

Anthony busted out laughing, which caused Kio to take a swing at him.

“Anyway, I’m going to sleep,” Kio smiled. She again brushed her lips against Anthony’s, this time allowing her tongue to run across his lips.

“See you,” he mumbled, watching her run off. Once she was gone, Anthony sprinted to the nearest holodeck.

“Computer!! Run program Schaefer-Gamma-Nine!” he ordered. The computer complied and Anthony ran in. As the doors closed, he made one last request.

“Lock holodeck doors!”