Chapter 5 - Actions

"You guys realize that you're dead men walking if you lock me in here," Darien grumbled at the security officers poking him in the back with their phaser rifles.

The lead one just shrugged. "I've known that from the first day I worked for Section 31."

"I can protect you if you let me go!" Darien replied.

The second guard spoke up this time. "No, you can't. You will be just as dead as us. We know what's going on. The cats are going to get the girl. Then they are going to destroy the Sisko and then destroy us. Done and done."

Darien just grumbled as he is shoved through his doorway and into his quarters. 

The security guards close the door behind him and a chirp is heard to signify that it is locked and sealed.

Darien walks over to his desk. He opens up a drawer and pulls out a phaser. He places it in his belt line. He then walks over to his closet and grabs a phaser rifle. He straps that to his back. He starts to walk over to the bathroom but pauses and looks back into his closet. He proceeds back to the closet and grabs a small box. He opens it and inside are six long stem roses.

"Might need to go old school on these assholes." Darien grins to himself. He puts on a leather coat and places the roses in his inside pocket.

Darien then walks over to his bed and pulls a backpack out of it. He puts the backpack on and walks to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, he pulls a panel off the wall. Behind the panel is a crawlspace just barely big enough for him. He gets into it and crawls away.

"Idiots." He murmurs.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" Ranma exclaimed.

"Shampoo see girl from pirate ship!" Shampoo blubbered.

Ranma looked to Mina who was bringing up the replay. Sure enough, walking across the bridge towards Chronister's position was Lita.

"She looks really good for a dead woman." Ranma mused.

"How?" Raye just grumbled. "Why is she everywhere there is trouble?"

"She must have been a Section 31 operative," Ryouga concluded.

"Yeah, we knew that two chapters ago," Mina mumbled.

"Hail them!" Ranma ordered.

Mousse complied but cocked his head when he got the response. "Uh – Ranma – I – I think I got an answering machine."

"WHAT?" Was the response from the entire bridge crew.

Mousse punched it up on the viewer. A picture of a very pretty female officer appeared. 

"I'm sorry! We are unable to answer your hail right now, but if you would leave your name, number, and a message after the tone we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!" The female smiled and a tone is heard.

"Uh –" Ranma started. "This is Ranma Saotome, USS Benjamin Sisko, NCC 255108, just calling because we saw someone that we thought was dead on your bridge. The girl –" Ranma looked to Mina.

"Lita," Mina replied.

"Lita," Ranma stated to the recording. "She's a friend of some of my crew and they would like to speak to her." Ranma paused and shuddered. "That is unless she's a zombie." A tone is heard and Ranma dropped his head. "That was moronic. A zombie?"

"Yeah." The entire bridge crew agreed.

"Enough of this. Get ready for battle." Ranma ordered. 

The entire bridge crew acknowledges the order and scurries off to their stations to get ready to fight.

"THEY WHAT?" Artemis yelled.

The bridge officer that reported the bad news to the white cat cowered in fear. Artemis pounced on him and began to swipe at him with his claws. Luna just shook her head.

"ETA?" Luna asked.

"45 minutes." The ops officer replied.

"Will they have their shields repaired by then?" Artemis asked, never looking up from his maiming.

"Yes sir," Ops replied, adjusting slightly so that he could make a quick getaway if necessary.

Artemis hopped off his prey and back into his seat next to Luna. "Wonderful. Just fuckin' wonderful." He looked to Luna. "It appears that our people, the best operatives in the Federation, have just been beaten by the most rag-tag group of losers in Starfleet."

"What about Mina, Raye, and Serena?" Luna asked, defensively.

"Mina was the only qualified officer placed on that ship. I want to retrieve her if possible."

Luna glared at Artemis. "And just blow up Raye and Serena?"

"You know I don't like this any more than you. I have no interest in killing the girls or any of the other 600 people on that ship but we have a job to do."

Luna continued her glare. "No compromises?"

"What did you have in mind?"

Luna cleared her throat. She had been thinking about this for quite some time. She was having problems sleeping after she began to think about the girls. They didn't deserve to be killed over stupid mistakes. She at first blamed Giles for allowing the crew of the Sisko to board, but then realized that she was the one to blame. If she hadn't implanted Lita none of this would have taken place. She knew that she could not allow the Sisko and her crew to be killed.

"I think the fear of a return visit would be enough to ensure their silence. Not everyone on that ship knows what's going on. Maybe 50 or so officers. We just retrieve our people off the Minneapolis, destroy it, and let the Sisko know that if they breathe a word of this they will have to be terminated."

Artemis rested his head on his paws. He was glad that he had Luna with him. She was a good conscious. He did tend to get caught up in procedure and policy at times. Luna made a good voice of reason. She helped him realize that these are people they were dealing with.

"We'll see how it goes when we get there," Artemis replied.

Luna smiled. She knew she wore the pants in this relationship.

Ops spoke up. "We're being hailed by CB on his secure personal transmitter."

"On screen," Luna ordered.

A picture of Darien appeared. He appeared to be scrunched up.

"Are you in a crawlspace?" Artemis asked, standing up.

"Yeah," Darien replied.

"Why?" Luna asked.

"As I am sure you can see the Minneapolis has been compromised. What you can't see is the fact that Captain Giles refused to return fire on the Sisko when we were attacked.

"I ordered the return fire and he disobeyed. I attempted to take control of the ship and his security team shot me and locked me in my quarters. I am currently crawling through an escape tunnel that we installed for this very reason. I should be coming out on deck two somewhere."

"Where are Lita and JC?" Artemis asked.

"I don't know. JC was on the bridge with me, but he more or less surrendered. LK was confined to her quarters after shooting the cloak."

"Great," Artemis grumbled. This complicates things quite a bit. "Is there anyone on that ship that you are sure will be loyal to us?"

Darien thought for a second. "The ops officer, Lt. Eckland, was arrested for attempting to comply with my return fire order. She might help, but she is being held in the brig which is on deck five."

"I know what deck the brig is on." Artemis shot at Darien. "Get her. If she can help you regain control of that ship then use her."

"A –" Darien whined. "It will be like 50 against two."

"Of for God's sake, Darien," Luna screamed. "When you were Tuxedo Mask you went up against people that were armed with much worse items than phaser rifles and you lived. Work your way down. Get the ops officer out of the brig then go to engineering and take control of the ship from there. There won't be any engineer's right?"

"No," Darien replied. "They were all killed in the explosion."

"Good. Remember, you are only to regain control of the ship. Do not fire on the Sisko and do not kill anyone you don't have to. Report back when you have some more information." Luna ordered.

"FIND LITA TOO!" Artemis yelled before the communication was terminated.

Artemis looked to Luna. "Do you think that they will fall into line like you think the Sisko crew will?"

Luna just sighed and put her head on her paws. "They have to."

"And if they don't?"

Luna sighed. "Then may God have mercy on their souls."

Artemis just eyed Luna for a few moments. He then placed a paw on Luna's back. "You are a good person, Luna." He reached his head over and kissed Luna on the top of her head. He then strolled off and into a turbolift.

"Funny," Luna said to no one. "I sure as hell don't feel like a good person."

"YOU WHAT?" Giles yelled.

Lita backed up slightly. Giles had a very loud voice but his ready room acoustics seemed to make it even louder.

"I'm sorry," Giles said when he realized he startled her.

"It's okay," Lita replied. "As I said when I was on the bird of prey I had no ethics controlling my actions."

"Because of the bloody implant?" Giles asked.

"Yeah." Lita nodded. "The Sisko's first officer. I kind of tortured her." 

"So you want me to turn you over to them for punishment?" Giles wasn't quite sure why Lita would ask him to do such a thing.

"They are going to be destroyed. I need to make amends before that. I feel that a suitable punishment for me would to be killed along with them. Alongside my friends."

"The ops officer, the councilor, and the chief engineer, right?"


"Lita, I really haven't gotten a chance to know you these past few weeks. It's been on purpose. I don't much care for Section 31 operatives. I more or less picture all you guys like Darien." Giles can only grimace at the thought of 50 Darien's running around the quadrant.

"My first reaction is to tell you to piss off and lock you back in your quarters."

Lita frowned.

"However, you do not seem one bit like the other Section 31 cronies. I will honor your request. I don't know if it's the greatest of ideas though. I'd avoid the first officer if I were you though."

Lita smiled. "Thank you, Captain."

Lita began to tear up as Giles came around his desk. Lita gave him a big hug. The pair then walked out onto the bridge.

"STATUS!" Giles yelled.

Ops was the first to reply. "Shields back up to 67%. The Sisko totally fried our phasers and the dorsal torpedo bays. All we have is the ventral stern and aft torpedo launchers and the EM cannon."

"Ugh." Giles groaned. "Get the shields as high as they can go."

"Aye, sir," Ops replied. "But we are running on our secondary generators. If they go out, we're dead."

Giles looked at his bridge crew. "Our point today is not to survive. It's to make sure that they survive." He points to the image of the Sisko on the viewscreen.

"Lita will be leaving us shortly," Giles stated.

Chronister looked up from the panel that he was working on. "Steve –" he began. Giles shook his head.

"I know that the only thing they will be taking alive is Lita. I am hoping that if she is aboard the Sisko they won't destroy her. Besides, this is Lita's request. She wants to make amends to her friends and the people that she hurt."

Lita walks over to Chronister and gives him a hug. "Thanks for everything. You've been really good to me and actually tried to help me deal with all of this." Lita flailed her arms. "If I am forced to continue this life, I need to make sure that I know that my friends don't hate me."

Chronister nods.

"Hail the Sisko," Giles ordered.

Ranma's image popped up on the screen. Ranma was the first to speak.

"How did you guys get an answering machine?"

Giles just laughed. "It's simply to confuse people."

"I see." Ranma grinned.

Shampoo comes running into the shot, promptly knocking Ranma to the deck. "I SEE DEAD PEOPLE! YOU DEAD! I SEE YOU BLOWN INTO SPACE! YES I DID!"

Lita took a deep breath and stepped forward. "I was flash-frozen when I was blown out the breech. Your medical team got me into stasis fast enough that the medical staff on Earth was able to revive me."

Shampoo's eyes were full of tears. "Shampoo fix that!"

Lita took in another deep breath. "This is why we are hailing you, Captain. I would like to remand myself into your custody."

Ranma crawled back to his feet and cocked his head. "My custody?"

Lita nodded. "I hurt your crew, and I need punishment. I want to transport myself to your ship, where you may find a suitable punishment for me. All I ask is that first I get some time alone with Raye, Serena, and Mina to try and explain my actions."

"WHAT ABOUT SHAMPOO?" Shampoo screamed.

"Commander. I cannot expect you to forgive me. This is why under Starfleet Uniform Military Code of Justice, Section 401 paragraph 11, I am waving my right to trial for torture and attempted murder, and request that you sentence me under the same guidelines."

"That's death," Ranma stated.

Mina popped into the shot, knocking both Shampoo and Ranma to the floor. "Lita – what are you doing?"

"I'll explain everything when I get there, if that is okay with you, Captain."

Ranma stood once again and nodded. "Mousse, send a security team to transporter room two. Raye, Mina, get Serena and meet them there."

Ranma turned back to the screen after helping Shampoo back up. "I have someone else on board who wants to talk to you too."

Lita raised an eyebrow. "Who?"


Lita gasped. "Gosnell?"

There was a few moments of silence as Lita just stood, stunned. Giles decided he needed to break the silence. "Captain, we will be ready to transport shortly. Transport off the ship is impossible except in certain locations. Soon as we get to one of them we will contact you."

Ranma nodded. "Sisko out."

Giles turned to Lita. "Ready?"

She smiled and nodded as the two started to walk to the turbo lift. Chronister spoke up.

"Steve. I will take her. You are needed on the bridge."

Giles looked to Lita who nodded again. "Okay."

Chronister and Lita stepped into the turbolift.

Staff turned to Giles from where he was watching from the back of the bridge. "Are you sure that was a good idea?"

"No. But even in the dark ages, they honored last requests."

Ops spoke up again. "LK has been transported."

"Good. Shield status?" 

"88%." Ops' panel started to chirp. "What the-"

"WHAT?" Giles asked.

"All system functions have been rerouted to engineering!" Ops replied.

"Darien," Giles swore. "James."

Staff didn't have to be told twice. He hit his communicator. "Security teams one through four to engineering immediately. CB has seized control of the ship. Stop him with any means necessary." James began to walk to the turbolift.

As he walked away Giles could hear what was being said to Staff on his communicator. "Sir – Lt. Eckland has been broken out of the brig as well. We have three officers down."

Staff acknowledged the message.

"Be careful," Giles ordered.

Staff nodded and entered the lift.

"Try and regain control."

Ops nodded and then gasped. "Shit. Federation ship uncloaking 2-3-1 mark 2-0."

"Crikey," Giles replied.

"Federation ship decloaking off their port aft!" Mousse yelled.

"Is she on board?" Ranma asked.


"SHIELDS!" Ranma called. Mousse complied.

"Sir!" The ops replacement called. "The Minneapolis is locking her weapons on us!"

"What the hell?" Ranma grumbled. "Hail both ships!"

Darien appeared on the viewscreen. "Greetings, Captain!"

"Who are you? Where is Captain Giles?" Ranma asked.

Darien laughed. "He's on the bridge however I am in control of this ship now. Prepare to die!" The screen went back to the forward view from the Sisko.

The Minneapolis began to move forward and upward. Suddenly several torpedoes are fired from the bottom of the ship. Each torpedo hit the forward shields of the Sisko, rocking it hard.

"Shields are holding!" Mousse screamed. 

Ranma stood and sighed. "Return fire-" He is interrupted by Shampoo.


The second ship began to fire on the Minneapolis.

"What the hell?" Ranma asked. "Hold your fire!"

Shampoo simply shrugged as Mousse complied.

"Target the second ships phaser array," Ranma ordered. "Fire when ready."

Mousse complied and fired. "No damage and they are targeting us now."

Ranma groaned. A fierce blue beamed slammed into the Sisko. It didn't however shake the ship. Mousse started to flip out though.


Ops continued the list. "IMPULSE OFFLINE! WARP OFFLINE!"

"What the hell was that?" Ranma asked.

The ship fired the same weapon at the Minneapolis.

"It's some sort of electromagnetic weapon!" Mousse stated. "The Minneapolis has been rendered in the same shape we are in."

Suddenly several figures began to transport onto the bridge. All in all 18 

Starfleet Security personnel appeared, their weapons trained on the bridge crew.

"No one move." The head security officer ordered. "Anyone tries anything and this ship will be destroyed."

Ranma nodded to his bridge crew for them to comply with the order.

Some of the security officers moved the Sisko crew away from their stations and had them sit in the middle of the bridge. They had Ranma and Shampoo sit in their chairs. They then went and locked out the bridge stations that they allowed their operators to stay at.

"Glad that other ship was here to help," Ryouga grumbled to himself.

"I'm Captain Ranma Saotome. Who are you people?"

The head security guard lowered his weapon and went over to speak to Ranma.

"We're with Starfleet Intelligence. If you cooperate your ship, and your crew will not be harmed. Where is the rest of your senior staff?"

Ranma shrugged. "They're somewhere on the ship. I think deck two one or three."

"This is deck one." The guard replied.

It was at this time Mina came running out of the turbolift only to be greeted by three phaser rifles.

"See!" Ranma stated.

"Uh-" Mina stated.

"Who are you?" The lead guard asked.

"Commander Mina Aino. Chief Operations Officer. What's going on?"

"Ah third in command. Wonderful. Have a seat.' The guard motioned for her to sit in the seat on Ranma's left.

Mina complied.

"Captain?" She asked.

Ranma pointed to the second ship on the screen.

"Our supervisors will be hailing you shortly." The lead guard stated.


Mina, Raye, Serena, and three security guards were waiting in transporter room two. 

"They're ready." The transporter chief stated.

"Energize," Mina ordered.

The usual pretty transporter effect started and when it was complete Lita was standing there.

"Lita," Mina said as she walked up the pad and gave her a hug. She looked to the security guards. "Please wait outside."

The guards nodded and walked out. Mina looked to the transporter chief. "You too."

He nodded and left.

Mina sat down and had Lita sit down next to her. Serena and Raye also sat down.

Raye was the first to speak. She spoke with a lot of anger in her voice. 

"You wanted to explain? You wanted to apologize. Have at it. I'm nothing but fucking ears."

Lita was trying her damnedest to keep from crying. She took a deep breath and explained to her friends about her joining Section 31. She explained to them about the missions she went on. She explained to them about Luna and Artemis being in charge. She explained to them about the memory implant. She explained how the implant affected her. She explained how she ended up on the pirate ship. She explained the last few weeks aboard the Minneapolis and what Darien's role in Section 31 was. She explained it all.

"-and-" Lita could no longer hold back the tears. "And I am sorry for what I did to you, Raye. And what I did to you, Serena."

Raye cocked her head. "You shot me."

Lita took a couple of breaths. "You know I have had a lot of hostility towards you ever since-" She cut herself off and looked to Serena who was looking to the floor and twisting her hair between her fingers, obviously trying her hardest not to cry.

"-Ever since you and Darien got together. I couldn't control my hostilities anymore. They all just came out with that one shot. You know how you get angry at someone and you just want to hit them? But your conscience tells you not to. Well, I didn't have my conscience. There was nothing telling me not to shoot you."

Raye found herself for the first time feeling guilty about her relationship with Darien. She was beginning to understand exactly how many people she had affected. She didn't realize she hurt Lita also.

"I-" Serena stammered. "I love you, Lita. I forgive you."

Lita began to cry again as she embraced Serena.

"I also forgive you, Lita," Raye said. She looked at her feet and cleared her throat. "Will you forgive me?"

Lita looked to Serena who nodded to show that she already had. Lita then turned Raye. "I will – I do. I forgive you, Raye."

Suddenly the ship rocked violently. Mina stood. "I have to get to the bridge." She kissed Lita on the cheek and bolted from the room. As she left, Gosnell walked in.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD!" Gosnell exclaimed.

Lita stood and the pair simply stared at each other for what seemed like hours. It was only a couple of minutes though.

Finally, Gosnell broke the stare as he ran over and grabbed Lita. He hugged her tight and kissed her passionately. Lita was more than happy to return the affection. 

Serena and Raye could only stare wide-eyed as the two continued their show of affection. Neither of them knew that Lita had known Gosnell. Lita was the love of the man who always hit them with water. 

Gosnell and Lita eventually broke the embrace and Gosnell began to blubber like a little baby.

"What? How! Why? Who! Where? When!" He stammered.

Lita laughed. "We can talk about it, but I have to go with some people. You can come too."

Gosnell nodded. The four walked out the door and into the corridor. Lita nodded to Serena and Raye.

"I'll come and visit you after work," Serena noted.

Lita nodded and after hugging Serena, they walked off.

Lita put her hands behind her back and stood in front of one of the security guards. Gosnell started to stammer again when he saw the guard putting hand restraints on her.

"What the hell are you doing?" He asked, stepping forward. The other two guards moved in front of him.

"It's okay, Gozz," Lita stated. "Can he come with? I need to talk to him."

The lead guard nodded. And the group of four headed off towards the turbolift.

"What's going on?" Gosnell asked Lita.

"I did some terrible things on the pirate ship. I need to be held accountable for them. I've turned myself over to the Captain."

Gosnell didn't like this. Not one bit.

"So, I haven't seen you for three years and now that I do get to see you you're going to jail? This is worse than a god-damned Jerry Springer episode!"

Lita sighed. "Not for long though."

"What do you mean 'not for long'?" Gosnell asked.

"My crimes are punishable by death."

Gosnell stopped.

"No way," Gosnell stated. He resumed and caught back up. "No fucking way. I won't let them kill you. The captain and I-"

"Gozz-" Lita interrupted. "Section 31 is more than likely going to blow this ship to bits. All of us included."

Gosnell looked to the floor and continued to walk in silence.

Raye and Serena got into the turbolift. 

"Bridge," Raye stated. The computer chirped back a reply.

"Access to the bridge is currently denied under security procedure 213."

"What?" Raye asked.

"What's security procedure 213?" Serena asked.

"How the hell did you become a Lt. Commander?" Raye grumbled. "It means that the bridge has been overtaken by hostile forces."

"So what do we do?" Serena asked.

"We need to go to engineering and attempt to regain control of the ship," Raye told Serena. "Engineering!" She told the turbolift.

The lift complied and the pair was jetted down to the engineering deck. Raye hit her communicator.

"Commander Hino to the brig."

"Ensign Stark here, Commander." A female ensign replied.

"Find as many security officers and quietly as possible and have them report to engineering. Procedure 213."

"Yes ma'am." She replied.

Serena just looked at Raye. She was ready to be a captain. Raye was in the zone. She really had begun to admire her.

"Stop staring at me!" Raye barked.

Serena just started to cry.

The bridge of the Minneapolis had nine of the Roseville's security team on it. Unlike the Sisko though, these officers had restrained the crew with hand restraints. Plus all of the officers were placed on the floor face down. 

Shortly thereafter Darien and Lt. Eckland walked onto the bridge. The guards all trained their weapons on her. Darien waved his hands.

"She's cool." He stated. The guards then lowered their weapons. Darien walked over to where they had Captain Giles.

"Where is LK?" He asked.

"Hell if I know," Giles replied.

Darien chuckled and then kicked Giles in his side. "Where is she?"

Giles gritted his teeth. "She's aboard the Sisko."

Darien lost his smile. "What?"

"She wanted to depart, so I transported her to the Sisko. She said she wanted to die with her friends."

The turbolift doors opened. Luna and Artemis walked out and onto the bridge. Artemis was the first to speak.

"Where's Lita?"

Darien shifted a bit. Artemis had the ability to make even the most fearless of people scared. "Giles sent her over to the Sisko."

Artemis rolled his eyes. Luna smiled.

"Hail them." She ordered. 

After a few seconds, the bridge of the Sisko appeared. Shampoo, Ranma, and Mina were shown, along with a couple of the security team securing them.

"Yes?" Ranma dryly asked.

"Good day, Captain. My name is Luna –"

Luna noticed the captain fidgeting.

"Something wrong?" Luna asked.

"No." Ranma squeaked.

"Good. As I was saying my name is Luna. I and Artemis here are the directors of Section 31. We're sorry we had to meet under these circumstances."

"Me too." Ranma nervously said.

Artemis looked at Luna. He began to speak.

"Captain, something is wrong? Are the security officers scaring you?"

"No." Ranma cried.

Shampoo grabbed Ranma and put him in the corner. She began to speak. "What you want?"

"We want to negotiate a way out of this that will work for everyone," Luna stated.

Darien eyed the pair of felines. Were they thinking about letting the crew of the Sisko live? He knew that could not happen.

Darien slinked off and went into a turbolift.

"Okay." Shampoo stated. "Get rid of security team, we talk."

Artemis shook his head. "I can't do that until I am sure we are going to have compliance."

"If you no kill us, Shampoo guarantee compliance."

"First off," Luna said. "Where is Lita?"

Mina stood. "She's in the brig. She turned herself over to us to be held accountable for the crimes of torture, kidnapping, and attempted murder of Starfleet Officers."

Artemis looked at Luna. "Very noble."

Luna nodded. "We can assure you, Lita was not responsible for her actions, Mina."

Artemis stepped forward. "Mina, remember how I taught you that there are always two sides to every situation?"

Mina nodded.

"Lita was the unfortunate victim of a failed memory implant."

"She told us as much."

Artemis continued. "She had no real control over her actions. You know she always used to be angry and somewhat temperamental. Well, the implant had her acting on those feelings."

"In other words-" Shampoo stated. "She have no responsibility over what she do with Shampoo?"

Luna shook her head. "No. I promise you though when we find the captain of that ship he will be dealt with most severely."

Shampoo groaned. She really wanted revenge on the girl. She did understand though that if her mind was being messed with then she really couldn't hold her responsible. After all, if there was anyone who knew about messing with people's minds using one method or another, it was Shampoo.

"Captain," Luna called to the cowering Ranma. "I do hope you will release Lita as soon as possible."

Ranma regained his composure for a moment. "Are you taking her back? It's been made very clear to me that she doesn't want to go back with you. I will not let you take someone against their will."

Mina just looked at the Captain. His sense of honor was something that she had grown to admire greatly.

Artemis shook his head. "No. All I have ever wanted for her is for her to be happy - all of the girls. Lita was happy working for us. Not anymore. She can be with her friends on your ship if that is okay with you."

Ranma nodded.

"You have the authorization to give her a field commission of Commander and place her in your crew."

Ranma nodded again.

"What about them?" Shampoo asked, pointing to the fleet of security guards on the bridge.

"Again, once we are sure of compliance they will leave but we need to make sure of a couple of other things," Artemis replied.

"You must delete any log entries of this encounter. You must delete all sensor data. Any personnel with detailed information of this encounter must be sworn to secrecy." Luna stated. "If anyone talks about this, your entire crew will have to be terminated."

Ranma nodded. "Consider it done. What of Captain Giles?"

Artemis sighed. "He and his incompetent crew will be brought back to Earth and placed in new positions. I assure you they will be unharmed."

"And Darien?" Mina asked.

"He will remain with Section 31. Regardless of anything else, he is still one of our best and more reliable operatives."

"Uh- Sir – Ma'am-" A security officer stated.

Luna turned to him.

"CB just transported to the Sisko."

Luna groaned. "Captain, if you would retrieve him for me, I would be ever so grateful. You can use our security team if you wish."

"I would just as well prefer that they vacate my ship," Ranma affirmed.

"Very well," Luna stated. She meowed some orders and the security team vanished. Ranma stood up. "When we catch him, I'll call you."

Luna nodded and the transmission ended.

Mousse ran up to his terminal and started to hit some buttons. Ranma started to speak.

"Computer, cancel procedure 213."

Shampoo issued an order to the computer. "Intruder alert."

Some alarm bells started to sound. 

"Found him." Mousse stated. "He's working his way through the Jeffries tubes. Looks like he is heading to Engineering."

Ranma nodded. "Shampoo – Mousse."

Both officers nodded and headed off to the turbo lift.

"Mina, will you go get our guest out of the brig and assign her quarters?"

Mina nodded.

"Oh, one more thing," Ranma said as Mina stood. "Let's let her relax for a while. Don't let her know about the commission."

Mina nodded again and ran off.

Ranma sat down in his chair. He looked to Ryouga.

"You sure have been quiet, Ensign."

"Yeah well, why have you been avoiding Akane? Isn't she good enough for you anymore? And another thing –" Ryouga was interrupted.

"I didn't say start talking." Ranma mused.

Ryouga turned back to his panel and mumbled some anti-Ranma swear words to himself.