The Official Moon Trek Website!

Moon Trek is a crossover fanfiction that takes characters from the Ranma½ world, the Sailor Moon world, and original characters that I created and places them in the post-Dominion War Star Trek universe.

Over the past fourteen years the characters and story has evolved from a simple 'LOL WOULDN'T IT BE FUNNY IF RANMA WAS CAPTAIN OF A SPACESHIP TROLOLOLOL' concept into something I tried to turn into a serious writing exercise as I devloped both a love for writing and a love for the story and characters that I created and developed.

The series is essentially a serial; you can't just start with NEO4. Each story feeds off the previous in one way or another, especially throughout the series; whether it's Moon Trek, NEO or Trinity.

With the tenth full length story complete, the series is now finished.


Happy days are here! The Moon Trek website is now fully operational and, at least this time, fully backed up so in case there is another issue, I can simply reupload everything! YAY!

If you happen to find any issues, please don't hesitate to contact me either on Twitter (@erinwinking) or by using the Disqus comment system on any of the story pages. As well, I would love to see comments on the stories, good or bad (good is better though!).

Don't forget about the LCARS character database, which I will continue to work on because quite honestly I am using it for both a creative exercise and as a way to try out some CSS tomfoolery.

Thanks for your support! /erin