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Moon Trek

Welcome to the new and improved Moon Trek website! I appreciate you stopping by!

Please feel free to browse around the site. If you're new to my 'universe', you can start off with the first Moon Trek series and go from there.

The stories are a serialization, so they won't make much sense if you start with the last novel (though it will be better written, relatively speaking).

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What Is Moon Trek?

Moon Trek is a crossover fan fiction that takes characters from the Ranma ½ world, the Sailor Moon world, and original characters that I created and places them in the post-Dominion War Star Trek universe. I started the series long before the new movies and series, so my universe is just my mind-canon of things that take place after Deep Space Nine.

Over the past two plus decades, the characters and story have evolved from a simple 'LOL WOULDN'T IT BE FUNNY IF RANMA WAS CAPTAIN OF A SPACESHIP TROLOLOLOL' concept into something I tried to turn into a serious writing exercise as I developed both a love for writing and a love for the story and characters that I created and developed.

The series is a serial; you can't just start with NEO4. Each story feeds off the previous in one way or another, especially throughout the series; whether it's Moon Trek, NEO or Trinity.

With the tenth full length story complete, the series is now finished. With that said, I have three side stories that take place in (more or less) the same universe that I plan to publish soon, so there is more content coming... For some reason.

What is the LCARS Database?

The LCARS Database is a character, ship, and story background and information site. It contains information that will provide you with information that comes from the stories and various other sources (by which I mean my - the author's - arse). This information will give away plot points and pretty much tell you the end of the stories if you have not read them.

If you have not read the stories, I highly recommend that you do not read these pages. If you are simply a 'Star Trek' fan and you want to get basic information on the anime characters, you really don't need to as the characters really evolve out of their anime roles by the second or so story. (I'm that terrible, or that good. Both could be true, from a certain point of view.)

However if you do want to learn about the canon characters before reading the stories, you can check out my Ranma 1/2 site, and Google a million or so Sailor Moon sites.

The database is still a work in progress, so there may be some issues or missing data. There's also a lot of stuff that's hidden inside of the database (e.g. stuff that doesn't have links from any of the main pages), so if you've got nothing better to do with your life, or you're trapped on a snow-stuck train, you should snoop around!