Moon Trek - REMASTERED!!

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Hello and welcome to the new and improved Moon Trek website! I appreciate you coming here on purpose or at least staying for a moment if you accidentally clicked on this site while looking for some Rule 34 material.

If you’ve been to the Moon Trek website before, you will notice that this site is a vast improvement over that one. If you’re interested in the technical details of the site, I’d be happy to go into that, but right now I am more interested in telling you what’s changed with the overall content of the site. Primarily, the stories.

That’s right, I not only remastered (I am going to use that word a lot in this post, even though I am aware I am using it wrong…) the way the site looks and acts but went through and made some changes to the stories as well. Let me explain!

Despite the very little feedback I have gotten over the years regarding the Moon Trek stories, leading me to believe that maybe 15 or so people have read any of them, I really enjoyed writing them and coming up with the whole Moon Trek universe. The biggest problem I had was that I was going back a rereading them when I was bored and as time progressed, I noticed that there were some places that there were plot holes, continuity issues, and just plain bad grammar. As well, I had become even more frustrated with the usage of the Scout’s American names.

I had decided to rebuild the website as a learning exercise. I went through a coding boot camp and was looking for a new career in web development, so rebuilding the Moon Trek site was (supposed to be) an easy way to create a profile project to show off. So, I figured that while I rebuilt the site, I would also rebuild the stories.

This turned out to be a harder project than I thought it would be. When I put Moon Trek – The Wrath of Kuno into Google Docs, it literally caused my Grammarly plugin to crash my browser. Even going chapter by chapter was causing issues. My writing was crash Chrome levels of shit. Fortunately, MS Word was a bit stronger.

Regardless, thanks to this I decided that I would leave the original series (MT 1, 2, 3, and Intruder) virtually untouched. Therefore, those three stories still use the American names for the Scouts. Starting with Neo 1 (rather than Neo 3 in the original versions) they use their proper Japanese names.

Grammar and name usage weren’t the only issues I came across. As mentioned before, there were plot holes, inconsistencies, and other issues I decided to patch up. If you’ve never read the stories before, it’s not something you will notice since things will make sense now, but if you have (recently enough to remember anything), you will probably nod your head in approval.


Another issue I came across was some of the language and treatment of the characters, by me. One could say that I have become more ‘woke’ over the years (I fucking hate that term), but I noticed a lot of problematic language and misogyny in the writing. Some of that I blame on Ranma ½ just being a misogynistic anime to begin with, but I would agree that 20 years ago when I began writing these stories, I was a different person with more problematic views on things.

So, some of those issues in the stories have been removed or changed. Certainly not in any kind of attempt to whitewash them out of existence – if that was the case, I certainly wouldn’t have admitted to it here – but to make the stories better.

There are a couple of specific instances I will mention on story-specific blog posts (which you will be able to view on the story page! Yay remastered website!).

Finally, I have removed the explicit sex scenes from Neo 1 and Neo 2. Those were an experiment in writing, to begin with, kind of inspired by Chris Jones’ fanfiction New Ranma, which contained quite a bit of sex. To be clear, I don’t have any issue with the sex, nor do I think they were problematic or gratuitous, but they did seem to slow the story down and didn’t push the plot along (so maybe they were gratuitous). I may add them as a bonus section to the stories at some point, but for now, they will only exist on my hard drive (tee-hee).

Anyway, to wrap up, hopefully, the stories are in a better place right now. The new site makes it easier for you to read them in your browser, is far more responsive for mobile devices (when I built the old site, looking at web pages on your phone was an absurd idea), and gives you better options for offline viewing.

You can go right from the story page to the LCARS database (which as of this writing still isn’t fully complete), and even search for things if that’s what you’re into.

Please feel free to contact me if you want, or leave a comment (I’d love it if you’d do that since it’s the main way I know people are reading the stories). Thanks, everyone and I appreciate you.



Posted by ewink

Posted On September 2, 2021