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As I mentioned in a previous post, I am trying to make the final two stories very ‘character’ driven stories, and I can say that I think I am being successful in that. One indication is that it’s very early in the writing process, I’m only (officially) through chapter three and I have a very high word count. There’s a ton of dialog, quite a bit of interaction between the characters, and what I think is both nice and what will both appeal and anger some people, evolution in the characters.

Until I get to X, where I get to write a ton of Kuno dialog, I think this one will go down as my favorite (or at least tied with Prime Directive) simply because I am ignoring any concept of pacing while I am writing. I’ll deal with that later. What I mean is I’m not going to worry about if something is too wordy or unnecessary while I am developing the interaction. When I’m rereading and proofing, and it feels sluggish, then there will be an opportunity to change things, but right now I feel like I am getting a more natural ‘interactivity’ this way.

We’ll see how this works.

Couple of hints for you kiddos on IX. I still haven’t named it. The Sisko will be losing a crew member (although they probably won’t be dying…). They will be gaining a temporary crew member. Happosai will be visiting. There are no lemon scenes (as of yet) but I have to be honest, it will be getting an M for Mature rating. ^_^

Also, I love Rei. You will too.

BTW, I keep posting these to make sure folks who just happen to find this site know I haven’t given up on writing. See ya! /ew


Posted by ewink

Posted On February 9, 2012