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Well, I hope that you liked this fanfic. People that know me will be surprised. It’s a lot darker than what I usually try to go for. I usually avoid death. I prefer sex to violence! Some people may even want me dead for my killing of Mousse. I will try and explain my decision the best I can.

I originally put Mousse in there for comedic value. I mean, a blind idiot working the weapons? It goes right in line with the eternal lost boy working the helm. It was when I was working on this fiction that I realized that if he went blind in one of the situations I had written for them, they’d be dead. Nothing funny about that.

Also, Mousse & Ranma have a major conflict with each other over Shampoo. Well, as you can see at the end of it Akane and Ranma got married. There would be no more conflict.

So, subtract the blindness and the conflict and all I have is a character that’s lost all of his character traits. All but one. Mousse is a very honorable person and I could see him sacrificing himself for Shampoo. So, he did. What happened then was Shampoo was finally forced to admit her true feelings for Mousse. Granted it was too late, which I will admit is a recurring theme in some of the darker Ranma fic’s I have read, but she did admit them. She also saw the kiss between Ranma and Akane, which eliminated my need to have Shampoo clinging all over Ranma. Don’t fear though. She will still have a thing for him, but I think most of her clingy ness will simply be to mess with Akane.

I can basically sum up the last two paragraphs in one sentence. Moon Trek is moving from a comedy fic to a dark comedy fic. It will still be funny at times, but the next in the series will be even more intense. I doubt any more of the main characters will be killed off, but you never know. I decided on the Ranma/Akane marriage as I typed it. No forethought.

Moon Trek 3 is already in progress. I’m actually enjoying writing these a lot more than I thought I would. The first one was supposed to just be a silly 20-page thing for my buddy Chris (who the Gosnell character is based on). Chris has always had a thing for Lita, so that’s why those two hooked up. This one was actually prepared better than the first, so I was able to make it longer. It took longer to complete than I hoped though, I got stuck on a couple of plot points, but I think I worked them out okay. MT3 will feature Ami finally. (I like the Japanese spelling of her name better than the US.) But other than the Sisko crew I think everyone else will be original characters. (Well, to be honest, none of my characters are original; they are all based on people that I know.) It currently has the working title of ‘All’s Fair’ as in the phrase ‘all’s fair in love and war’. I am sure that will change. The only one that didn’t change more than 6 times was MT1-The Wrath of Kuno. I probably should have changed it though. It’s kind of queer.

And for the record, the Sisko is a Gosnell class Starship. The Gosnell-class is just a refitted Akira class ship. No yelling at me saying it looks just like an Akira class ship. It’s supposed to. I know the original graphics showed a Sovereign-class, but that was just due to my lack of graphics. You can get all the information that no healthy human should need (much less spend 3 days making a website on) at the OFFICIAL (because I have such an ego that I would think there would be MT rip-offs) Moon Trek website:

I hope that you enjoyed this fic, at least a little bit. I welcome and encourage all feedback. I started writing these for myself, but now they are being written for you. Please email me at I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for taking the time to read me blubber.

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Posted On February 28, 2003