MTX - An Epic End?

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I wrote in an earlier post how I was planning for the next story – the tenth Moon Trek novel and the third Trinity novel to be the last one I do. So I won’t rehash the reasoning behind that again. What I did want to kind of post about was how I wanted to make this a story of epic proportions; once that would make the reader say ‘Yeah, that was almost worth 14 years of crap’.

While I’ve admitted that MTX will have the Kuno Collective as the Sisko’s primary foils, as well as a back story to Gosnell+Makoto, I’m keeping mum on the whole plot of the story, as well as the various other things involved. Mainly because they are becoming quite numerous.

Much like what happened with The Badlands, MTX has started out with parts of it handwritten, thanks to the untimely demise of my old video card. What was spurred from that ended up being parts of the main story and several sub-stories. I have no intention of ‘shoehorning’ any of them in. I like all of them, mainly because each and every one of them involves either the crew working together to resolve an issue, the crew proving how much they care about each other, or the resolution of some long-standing conflict.

OG Moon Trek

I still really love writing battles and fight scenes, but I have to tell you, after having written The Office, I have a renewed love for the characters and how they interact with each other and I think that’s something I have really been lacking and something that if I don’t pay attention to, isn’t going to help me at all become a real author someday.

So, even if MTX is a million words and 500 pages long, nothing is getting cut, so long as it flows and contributes to what I plan on being an epic send-off to our beloved crew.

I’m hoping to have it done by January. However, I’m not going to sacrifice quality to meet an arbitrary release date.

See you on Thursday with the next two chapters of The Office!


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Posted On June 3, 2012