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So I have finally finished off MT: T #2 – The Office.

I can honestly say that I am quite pleased with how it has turned out. I was kind of skeptical going into it, as it was going to be a totally character-driven story – epic space battles and NEO teams shooting bad guys were going to be rare, and that is in fact the case. None the less, I think it’s come out better than I can have hoped.

As well, I’ve managed to include not one, but two chapters feature one of my very favorite characters from Ranma ½, Happosai. Happosai is probably, next to Kuno, one of the most fun characters to write for.

Like all offices, the Sisko has drama. This may or may not lead to one of our characters not being with us anymore once the story ends. As well, I may make some new enemies with how some of the characters are acting, but in the end, all of your favorites, I can assure you, mean well.

I’m still going to give it a couple more pass-overs to try and catch all my grammatical mistakes and any continuity errors, and while I was planning on publishing it all at once, I figure I will continue to do a chapter by chapter weekly release, starting no later than the first week in April.

Thank you for your continued patronage!


PS: I added the ‘ecchi’ tag to this post because I’m a massive pervert and am realizing that if I continued this series much more than one more story, the ship would be filled with nothing more than space lesbians… There’s no ‘explicit’ sex in it (lemon), but there’d certainly be plenty of fan service if it was an anime… ^_^


Posted by ewink

Posted On March 11, 2012