Chapter 3 - Insanity

"I SHALL SMITE THEE!" Tatewaki Kuno exclaimed in his state of sleep slash regeneration.

The hallway leading to Kuno's regeneration chamber was dark, with the only light being the green pulsing lights of the other regeneration chambers.

It had been three months but the Kuno's had finally managed to rebuild their cube, the first having been blown to bits by Ranma. The new cube was ready for the quantum torpedoes that had done them in the first time.

The Kuno's had looted a tritanium mine somewhere in the Beta Quadrant. Tritanium being the only material in the galaxy that could withstand the yield from a quantum torpedo.

The cube had to have several layers of the material if they were going to stand a chance against the Sisko's seven torpedo launchers.

The Kunos were ready this time.

They also had a new weapon. They had bought it on the black market from the planet of North Korea. It appears that North Korea had secretly built isolytic weapons. They of course blamed the aggressive defense policy of the Federation.

"I SHALL DATE WITH YOU!" Kuno screamed, his arms flying out of the restraints that held him upright. He grabbed a hold of something and pulled it close.

"LET GO OF ME!" George Kuno, the Kuno's adopted brother screamed.

Kuno did not comply. George started screaming as Kuno began to lay sleep-kisses on him.

"ARGH!" He screamed ala Lucy in Charlie Brown after being kissed by Snoopy. George struggled best he could but still could not get out of the bear hug Tatewaki had him in.

At about this time Kodachi walked into the room. She noticed her brother embracing George. She scoffed.

"I see you two are getting along better." She stated.

George simply glared at her. "Help me!" He demanded.

Kodachi nods and walks over to the pair. She walks up to Kuno. She leans close to his head and starts to whisper in his ear.

"It's me, Akane." She whispered. "Squeeze me harder!"

Kuno complied and George began to change colors. Kodachi laughed.

"BITCH!" George screamed at her in agony.

Kodachi laughed some more. "Bitch, eh?" She leaned back into her brother. "I'm naked as well."

George's eyes went bug-eyed as one of Kuno's hands moved down George's back and grabbed his butt. He then started to scream again when he felt what he felt.

Something poking at him.

Yeah, that.

"KODACHI!" George screamed.

Kodachi just laughed as she fluttered out of the room, black rose petals flying.

George knew that he had to act fast. It was only a matter of time before Kuno, who even though he was dead asleep; grinning intently now, moved in for the proverbial kill. That was another memory that he had no interest in having. He already had enough that were stuck in him by his two lustful siblings.

"Ah-ha!" George grinned as Kuno caressed him. George suddenly remembered that the Kunos were a collective. All of their minds were linked. All George had to do was make Kuno think of something that would cause him to release his grip.

George thought. What does Kuno hate more than anything?

George grinned again.

Inside Kuno's Mind:

Ranma walked up to where Kuno was making out with a naked Akane.

"Hello." Ranma said to Kuno.

"BE GONE!" Kuno yelled at Saotome, holding Akane even tighter against him.

Ranma grinned. "I didn't know you swung that way!"

"What speak you?" Kuno asked.

Ranma pointed at Akane.

Kuno looked. Now in the place of Akane was Rodney Dangerfield. He had Akane's hairstyle though.

"Hey! Why'd you stop?" Rodney/Akane asked.

"GOOD LORD!" Kuno screamed as he pushed the Akane wannabe away.

In Reality:

The still sleeping Kuno pushed George away from him. George fell to the ground. He promptly grabbed Kuno's bokken, got into his best Sammy Sosa with a corked bat batting stance and –


The bokken connected with Kuno's face and smashed into a million pieces. Kuno snaps out of his regeneration cycle. He looks to George.

"Are you the one who has awoken the great Tatewaki Kuno, the blue thunder of the Alpha Quadrant, out of his slumber?"

George nodded. Kuno runs over and hugs his brother.

"THANK YOU!" Kuno bubbles. George whimpers. Kuno then releases his brother.

"I had the worst dream." Kuno sniffles. George pats his brother on the shoulder.

"It's okay. Let the thoughts drop out of your mind and think happy thoughts."

"Happy thoughts?" Kuno asks.

George nods. "Like the thought of us killing that retched Ranma Saotome, and avenging father's death."

Kuno grinned. "I like the whole idea of killing that retched Ranma Saotome, but as for our dear father, well he's not dead."

George just stared at him. "You told me he was dead!"

Kuno smiled and started to back away. "About that…" Kuno chuckles and runs away. George just sighs and starts to walk back to the control center of the ship.

Oh, kiekie! George heard in his mind. He looks up, and around, and passes it off as just a silly prank that Kuno was playing on him.

George! The voice said.

"Cut it out, Taki. I'm not in the mood." George grumbled.

Suddenly a holographic image of Principal Kuno appeared before him.

"JESUS!" George screamed, hopping backward a good twenty feet.

"No, no." The holograph chuckled. "It's just me, your daddy!"

George eyed the holograph for a moment and then resumed his work.

"Where did you go?" George asked it.

"You see, I had to hide out for a while. Till the heat died down and all."

"Uh-huh. So what do you want?"

The holograph walked over to George.

"I heard that when you thought I was dead that you wanted to avenge my death! This clinched it that you were my favorite kiekie."

George looked back to the holo-daddy.

"You mean that there was some confusion before?" 

"Well, you know that you are the best, but the others are my biological kids, so it was kind of a draw."

George smiled. "So, what do I win?"

"You win the secret to Silver Millennium torpedoes."

"What the hell are those?" He asked.

"They pack twice the yield that quantum torpedoes do!"

George grinned even more. "So it will be easy to defeat the Sisko?"

The holograph nodded.

"Well then," George stated. "Let's have it."

The holograph began to upload data into George's mind. George smiled with every gigabyte of destructive goodness.

Trevor slowly opened his eyes as he woke up. The view he had didn't reveal much more than the ceiling of his jail cell. Trevor didn't mind though. At least the ghost he saw wasn't above him.

"Trevor?" A voice said.

The ghostly figure looked over Trevor. Trevor closed his eyes and started to chant to himself.

"I am not insane. I am not insane."

"No, you're not." The figure replied.

Trevor sat up and looked at him.

"What are you?"

"My name is Foster." He said.

"You mean like the beer?" Trevor asked.

Foster nodded. "Yes. I knew that was your favorite beer so that is what I named myself."

"You just named yourself? And how did you know that was my favorite beer? You're not stereotyping me just because I am Australian are you?"

Foster shook his head. "No, Trevor. I know all about you. I have been with you for the past two years."

"What?" Trevor asked.

"I'll explain," Foster stated.


Trevor, dressed in his Starfleet uniform, is hiding behind some rocks. There is phaser fire zipping over his head. Next to him are two other Starfleet officers. Trevor bears the rank of Lt. Junior Grade. The other two are ensigns. They peak their heads up just enough to fire off a couple of shots but then duck down again.

"You see," Foster states. "This is Tenlix Three. A planet on the Cardassian/Federation border. This is my home.

"Unfortunately no one knew that when the Federation set up a supply depot there."

"Wait, Foster." Real-time Trevor states. "We scanned the planet and there were no life forms."

"Our people are energy beings. We would show up on your scanners as simple electrostatic pockets."

Some more phaser fire goes over their heads and several small explosions happen right behind them.

"You see, those energy pockets exploding from the Dominion weapons are actually my people being killed."

"I didn't kill any, did I?" Real Trevor asks.

"No, the Federation's phasers passed right through us. The Dominion's though. They were on just the right frequency to affect us."

"WE NEED TO RETREAT!" One of the ensigns screamed.

"NO!" Trevor stated rather bluntly. "We are not leaving this position. We cannot let them advance any further."

Trevor stood and opened up on the advancing Dominion troops. After a while, all the enemy troops were either killed or retreating.


"I still don't understand," Trevor said.

"Trevor, if you hadn't held your position the Dominion troops would have advanced on us and eventually killed us all."

Trevor sighed and looked at the floor. "We didn't know you were there. To be fair and honest we were protecting the food rations."

Foster laughed. "Yes, but on purpose or not you saved a civilization of thousands of beings just like me."

Trevor smiled. He had no idea he had such an effect on anyone in that blasted war. As far as he knew all he was good for was killing Jem Hadar.

"So." Foster continued. "I have been following you around for the past three years in order to repay you for what you did."

Trevor laughed. "You could have fixed my ship! Then we would be even."

Foster sighed. "Unfortunately I can't fix mechanical things. I can manipulate space and gravity and walk through walls but I can't fix a simple thing like your Runabout."

"Did you say walk through walls?" Trevor asked.

Foster nodded.

"Can you walk through that wall, find a key and get me out of here?"

Foster again nodded. "But that won't be enough to repay my debt to you."

Trevor shrugged. "It'll be a good start."

Foster nodded once more and walked out through the jail cell door. He wandered around the police station for a bit before he finally found a set of keys on a desk. He brought the keys back and showed them to Trevor.

"Which one do you think it is?" Foster asked.

Trevor picked the one which looked most like what a jail cell key should look like and tried it out. It worked and the cell opened up.

"Okay. Now, become invisible again." Trevor instructed Foster.

"But I want to see things like you do. I kind of like having this form."

Trevor groaned. "Well, at least make yourself whole. I can see right through you! And you will have to change your clothes."

Foster nodded, began to glow, and became fully visible. He then looked at a magazine that was lying on one of the police officers' desks and made himself up so he was wearing the clothes that the man on the cover was wearing.

"Very stylish!" Trevor noted.

"Thank you!" Foster gleamed as the pair walked out of the vacant police station and into the darkening streets.

Captain's Log: Stardate 60147.2. We're en route to the Zima Prime system to weed out the source of the Kuno transmission. Hopefully, this will be quick and painless. It hasn't been long since our last dealings with them and they shouldn't have been able to recover very well yet.

On a side note, I have the odd task of ordering my Chief Operations Officer to sickbay for a pregnancy test. I don't have any idea how I am going to do that without it seeming obvious, but since we are still three days out from the Zima Prime system I should have enough time to think of something by then.

<Nifty Star Trek Doorbell here>

Ranma looked up from his ready room computer. "End log." The computer chirped. "Come in."

The doors slid open and Mina walked in. She came and sat down across from Ranma.

"Ryouga said you wanted to see me?" She asked.

Ranma silently cursed Ryouga's name. "Yeah, uh."

Ranma turned to his replicator. "Would you like something to drink?"

Mina shifted in her seat a bit. She didn't know that this was going to be something that would take so long that Ranma would offer her a drink.

"Just some water will be fine, thank you, Captain," Mina replied.

Ranma nodded. "One water and one tea; Earl Grey, hot." He instructed the computer. The replicator complied and the beverages appeared. He handed Mina her glass and took a sip out of his.

"So," Ranma said. "You know that we have been on this ship for almost four months now and we haven't really gotten to know each other?"

Mina nodded. "We didn't really get off to that great of a start."

Ranma laughed. He rubbed his head in the memory of Mina smashing a bottle over it. "All that trouble and I wasn't even a Changling!"

Mina giggled. Ranma leaned back.

"So, tell me about yourself. What do you like to do? What kind of sports do you like? Where do you want to go after here?" Ranma asked.

Mina also leaned back in the seat. "Well, I spend a lot of my time off duty with Commander Tskuino and Commander Kino." She just couldn't get herself to say 'Commander Gosnell'. "And I used to with Commander Hino, but she's kept to herself lately." Ranma nodded as he listened.

"I enjoy volleyball. I play on the holodeck whenever I can."

Ranma takes a sip of his tea. "Akane plays volleyball as well. You two should play together sometime."

Mina nods. "As for after here, well I haven't really thought that far ahead. I was happy on the starbase that I was assigned to before my transfer, but I am enjoying it out here. When we're not being shot at, that is."

Ranma nods in agreement to that.

"Well, here is the reason I wanted to see you." Ranma began his lie. "Apparently your physical was accidentally deleted and sickbay needs you to come and take another one."

Mina nodded, not believing a word of what Ranma just told her. "Okay."

The pair just sat in silence for a moment. Mina finally decided to break the silence.

"Did Ryouga ask you to have me take the physical?"

Ranma spit his tea all over his console and started flailing his arms wildly. Ranma was a terrible liar. "What? No."

Mina watched Ranma attempt to clean up the tea for a minute. Ranma saw her eyeing him and knew it was useless to continue with his charade. "Well, yes, but don't tell him I told you."

Mina sighed. "So you know what I did?"

Ranma nodded.

"So, do you think that I am a horrible officer for doing such a thing with a subordinate?"

Ranma sat up and looked right at Mina.


Mina took little comfort in that.

"Look, Commander." Ranma started. "Ryouga isn't a bad guy-" Mina cut him off.

"He took advantage of me when I was drunk!" Mina exclaimed.

Ranma just looked at her some more. "I don't think that was the case. You have more self-control than that. This I do know. I have read your record.

"Now, I am going to be perfectly frank with you. This is just as much your fault as it is his. You two need to work it out before it affects your work any more than it already has."

Mina nodded. She knew that he was right but she didn't want to admit that she could have been so sloppy.

"Do you think I am a bad officer because I am sleeping with Commander Tendo?" Ranma asked.

"No," Mina replied.

"Why not? She's subordinate."

"You're married."

Ranma shrugged. "What if we weren't?"

Mina looked shyly at Ranma. "No."

Ranma looked at Mina for an explanation.

"You're a good officer and you wouldn't let it affect your decisions," Mina added.

Ranma smiled. "You are a good officer too, Mina. And so is Ryouga. He may be a moron, but he's a good officer and a good guy. Don't let something silly like this get in the way of something good that might happen."

Mina nodded and stood. Ranma stood as well.

"Please go get that checked," Ranma asked. "For not only yours and Ryouga's piece of mind, but mine as well."

Mina nodded, turned, and walked out the door. After the door closed Ranma let out an exasperated sigh.

"God that was the most uncomfortable talk I had ever had to have," Ranma said.

"Did you have to tell her we were sleeping together?" Akane asked from the adjoining room.

"We're married. I think it's implied." Ranma stated as Akane walked up and sat on Ranma's couch.

Ranma stood and walked around his desk. He sat down next to Akane and gave her a kiss. Akane grinned.

"How'd she find out anyway?" Akane asked.

"Lita told her. She and Serena and Raye all know."

"I can't wait till we can tell everyone." Akane grinned as she kissed Ranma again.

Jeff sat up as Raye finished her story of events that had taken place over the last ten years. Jeff took in the words and processed the events in his head. The phone call letting Raye know that Darien had died. The shock of Raye's best friend shooting her. The bolt from the blue of seeing her dead husband on the Sisko's main viewer. The anguish of having to shoot her husband dead.

Jeff felt a tear come to his eye. He had dealt with many types of pain over the years, but never anything this intense.

Jeff realized that if he was going to help Raye through this he was going to have to pull himself together and say something.

Raye had just finished with her story. Her face was red and puffy from crying through all of it. She simply stared off at the wall past Jeff.

"Commander." Jeff finally stated. Raye looked over to him, on the verge of tears once again.

"The pain I feel from you is unbelievable." He continued. "I cannot make it go away, but I can help you make it more bearable."

Raye stood. "MORE BEARABLE?" She screamed. "What the fuck do you mean 'more bearable'?"

"As someone once told me, pain is simply weakness leaving the body."

"Are you saying I am weak?" Raye growled.

"Well, yes," Jeff stated rather bluntly. Raye dropped back into her seat. "But it's nothing to be ashamed of. We are all weak in some ways. Myself, if I see a kitten I start to blubber like a baby."

Raye laughed. Jeff blushed and continued.

"But what makes us strong is how we handle our weaknesses."

Raye nodded. "I guess that I am not handling this very well at all."

Jeff shook his head. "How long did it take you to come to terms with Darien's original 'death'?"

Raye shook her head. "I didn't."

"This is why your pain is having such an effect on you now. I can tell that your mind is very strong and that you can overcome this. It's going to take a while and daily meditation sessions."

Raye shook her head again. "I have tried meditating. All I can see is me pulling the trigger and the look on Darien's face."

Jeff nodded. "And then you wake up. See, your mind is trying to deal with it, but your heart isn't letting you. I have several different techniques that will help you ignore what your heart is 


"Ignore my heart?" Raye asked, thoroughly confused.

Jeff nodded. "Your heart and mind need to work together. But right now they aren't. Together we can get them back on the same page and get you back to the way you were before."

"I doubt that," Raye said.

Jeff stood up and gestured for Raye to follow him.

"Where are we going?" She asked.

"My quarters," Jeff explained. "The sooner we get started the sooner you will be back to one hundred percent operating capacity."

Raye laughed. She was beginning to like Jeff. No one had been able to make her laugh in quite a while. She liked it.

"Oh." Jeff started, stopping just shy of the door. "Go to your quarters first and change into something more comfortable."

Raye became rather defensive at this moment. "What?"

Jeff realized what she was thinking and quickly put her at ease. "Don't worry, Commander. I don't like girls." He smiled. Raye understood, having spent four years in San Francisco. "You need to be in a very comfortable state. Normally on Betazed, we do these meditations naked, but I know that would make you far more uncomfortable than it would help you."

Raye nodded. "Is there anything you people don't do naked?" Raye asked, referring to the Betazoid wedding ritual of being married in the nude.

Jeff didn't miss a beat. "Cooking bacon and playing with scissors."

Raye laughed as she walked out the door, down the hall, and into the turbolift to go and change.

The Crossroads dropped out of warp at the edge of the Zima Prime system. She continued to cruise at one-half impulse towards the third planet from the Zima Prime sun.

Ami was seated in her captain's chair. She started making a recording in her log.


Captain's log: Stardate 60149.5. We have arrived at the Zima Prime system to check on a Class M planet picked up on long-range sensors. As far as we had known there were no class M planets anywhere in the sector. Once we determine if they are warp capable or not we will then decide if we are going to make first contact.


Ami smiled. She hadn't yet gotten a chance to make first contact with a new civilization. She had specifically requested a long-range assignment for that sole purpose.

Ami originally wanted to be a Starfleet doctor. Her goal was to be on a medical ship that would warp to a desolate planet and save the day. That was until she went to the academy to sign up.

Starfleet doctors spend the first 10 years of their careers at Starfleet Medical here in San Francisco. The recruiter told her.

Ami had no interest in that. If she had wanted to stay on Earth she would have just become a regular doctor in Tokyo and that would be that. 

No, Ami needed to be out there in the vastness of space. She needed to be seeking out new life and new civilizations; boldly going where no one has gone before.

Yeah, it's a little corny, but that's what she wanted.


Ami grumbles at the overweight Starfleet recruiter.

"Ten years?"

The recruiter nods. "There are many other positions available though where you will get your first assignment on a starship."

Ami started to look through the pamphlet that the recruiter had handed her.

"There are tactical, operations, communications, engineering, and diplomatic specializations." He told her.

Ami frowned. "No science?"

The recruiter nodded. "Yes, but like medical, science officers start off either here or on a starbase."

Ami groaned again. "What does diplomatic do? That doesn't sound very interesting at all."

"It is interesting." The recruiter informed her. "They are a very important part of Starfleet. They represent the Federation in conflict resolution, treaty negotiations, and first contact."

"First contact?" Ami asked.

"Yes. We have ships whose sole purpose is to roam around uncharted space and find warp-capable planets and establish contact with them. To let them know about us; who we are, where we are from, and our goals."

Ami grinned. She thought that could be a lot of fun.

Ami turned to the man. "So, how long do you have to be in the academy for that?"

"There are three years of classroom and then two years on a ship as an ensign. Once you complete that you are promoted past Lt. and right to Lt. Commander. Nice little loophole there. The Federation Charter forbids any Starfleet officer below the rank of Lt. Commander from diplomatic dealings. Once that happens you are then placed on a diplomatic ship and off you go.

"It's also a quick way to make Captain because we don't have enough officers specifically trained for diplomacy."

Ami smiled again. "Where do I sign?"


The chirping of Vong's computer brought Ami back to reality. She turned her head slightly to hear what he was about to say.

"Scans of the planet show no signs of warp capability," Vong stated very glumly. Ami sighed as did the rest of the bridge crew.

"Very well, do a thorough scan of the planet for the records, and then let's get out of here." Ami groaned.

"Yes ma'am," Vong replied. "They do have spaceflight though and tracking satellites in orbit above the planet. I would recommend taking a position two million kilometers away and in the shadow of the first moon to avoid detection."

Ami nodded. "Helm, make it so."

The helmsman nodded and the ship took a position in the shadow of the moon closest to the planet.

"I am showing signs of a base on this moon, but no life forms," Vong noted. "But the base is on the other side so even if there are tracking devices there they should not be able to spot us."

"Good," Ami replied.

This is what life was like for the blue-haired girl anymore. Finding new worlds with people on them, but not warp-capable though. The prime directive forbids them from making contact with such worlds. Sometimes though, Ami would like to just beam down there. Just to see what would happen.

She knew it would be a mess though. She had two classes spanning four semesters on why there is a prime directive and what the consequences would be if the prime directive is breached.

In the words of one of her professors, it'd be a 'fucking mess'.

That was the last thing she wanted to do. Have to clean up a mess.

The tactical panel began to chirp at almost the same time as the operations panel. Both Vong and the tactical officer consulted each other before Vong addressed the captain.

"Captain, we are receiving a distress call from the planet's surface."

Ami turned to Ark who turned to his display.

"Federation?" Ark asked.

Vong nodded his confirmation. "Yeah, I am receiving an audio transmission with it."

"On speaker," Ami ordered.

The shock of hearing the voice on the speaker caused Ami to almost fall out of her seat.

"To any ship receiving this message."

It was Ami.

But it wasn't Ami.

Ami looked at Ark.

"What are you doing on that planet?" Ark dryly jokes. Ami simply smacked him in the head. The recording continued its plea.

"This is the Federation starship the U.S.S. Sydney. We are a Runabout class scout ship. We suffered engine failure and were forced to crash land in a wooded area at 44 degrees, 17 minutes west latitude; 17 degrees, 5 minutes north longitude. If you can assist us, please signal."

The message began to repeat. Vong shut it off and looked to his boos for orders.

"Can the civilization detect the signal?" Ami asked.

Vong checked his display. "They might eventually track down the power surge coming from the transmission, but there will be no way that they can decode the transmission."

"And if we replied?" Ark asked.

"No, they won't be able to trace it," Vong answered.

"Open a channel then," Ami stated, standing.

"Audio only, ma'am," Vong informed her.

"That's fine." Ami sat back down.

A bleep is heard and Vong acknowledges that the channel is open.

"U.S.S. Sydney, this is the U.S.S. Crossroads," Ami stated.

"Ami!" The computer voice replied. "It's wonderful to finally meet you."

Ami shifted uncomfortably. She had never had a conversation with herself before and she wasn't sure that she liked it a lot.

"Yeah, about that," Ami said. "Why do you sound like me?"

"Well, Trevor reprogrammed my audio subroutine to sound like you."

"TREVOR?" Ami screamed. The entire bridge crew looked in her direction. She motioned to Vong to mute the transmission.

"Send it to my ready room." She ordered. Vong did as he was told and Ami scurried off into her office.

"Are we there yet?" Foster asked.

Trevor turned to his companion and simply glared at him. Foster took the hint and shut up. Not for long though.

"So, who is Ami?" Foster asked.

Trevor turned and glared at him again, but stopped and let out an exasperated sigh. He looked at the restaurant that they had stopped in front of. Trevor motioned for it.

"You hungry?" He asked.

Foster just shook his head. "No, but that's okay because I am never hungry. If you are though I will eat with you."

Trevor nodded and the pair walked into the restaurant. A waiter sat them at a table. Trevor starts to look over the menu.

"Shit I can't read this." He states grumbling at the alien language the menu is in. Trevor sighs and when the waitress walks up he simply points to a picture that looks good. He then orders a tea. Foster orders a tea as well and the waitress walks off.

"So?" Asks Foster.

"Ami is a girl I knew for a while. Till before the war when we had to go our different ways." Trevor said sipping the tea the waitress brought back for him. Foster tried to sip the tea but realized he 

didn't like it one bit.

"Why didn't you keep in contact?" Foster asked.

"She was sent on a deep space first contact assignment and I was sent off to fight in that bloody war," Trevor stated.

Trevor's food came. It was a pasta-like dish that had what appeared to be crab, shrimp, and some other kind of seafood in it. Foster just looked at it in disgust, but Trevor smiled and took a bite.

"Oh, my good damn," Trevor exclaimed. "This is delicious."

Foster looked at it. "May I?"

Trevor nodded as he dug in. Foster picked up a fork and took a small piece. He ate it.

"Not bad." Foster acknowledged. Trevor offered him another bite but he declines. Trevor shrugs and continues eating.

"Did you love her?" Foster asks.

"MUMF?" Trevor asks with his mouth full. Foster laughs at him. Trevor quickly swallows.

"Love?" Trevor asks again, this time understandable.

"Yeah. Did you love her?"

Trevor blushes and nods. "Yeah, I did." Trevor sighs. "I still do."

"Well then." Foster grins. "That is how I will repay my debt to you. I will help you find Ami."

Trevor laughed. "Good luck! She could be anywhere in the galaxy!"

Foster nodded. "That's okay."

Trevor laughs again as he finishes eating, leaves what should be enough money on the table, and walks out with Foster right behind him.

"Why are you laughing?" Foster asks.

Trevor never stops walking, nor looks at his companion. "Well for one, you may be able to zip around the galaxy in mere moments, but I cannot. And for two, Ami is a beautiful, sexy, yummy little thing who has no doubtedly found herself a new man and forgotten all about stupid old me."

Foster sighed and continued to walk with Trevor in silence. Even if Trevor was going to give up on his one true love, Foster wasn't.