Chapter 2 - Old Friends

At the very tip of Sector Zulu 771, a starship warps by. The starship is a Sovereign-class, the same kind of ship that was the USS Enterprise. Her sleekness slicing right through space. Moving at a comfortable warp 7 was the U.S.S. Crossroads.

On her bridge the first officer, Commander Ark Madcock was sitting in the captain's chair. He had some easy listening music playing out of the armrest console. He had his eyes closed but was not asleep. His hand was lightly tapping the armrest to the beat of the music.

Commander Madcock was a chubby man who had a thin mustache. He was also one of the few people in the Federation who opted to wear glasses rather than get the surgery to correct his vision. He felt that the glasses gave him that distinguished look. Most people who knew him though just thought he was a nerd.

The operations officer, Ensign Sai Vong seemed to be half asleep at his station. He was trying his best to listen to the music that was coming out of the command console.

Ensign Vong was an Asian man, pretty short but very muscular. He had short, spiky hair. He was leaning back against the rear wall of his station.

"Why don't I get a chair?" He asked anyone who would listen.

The tactical officer looked at him. "I don't get one either."

Commander Madcock never opened his eyes. "It's because you two need to be alert. If they give you a chair you might fall asleep. Especially on days like this."

Vong sighed and leaned back as much as he could without falling. He crossed his arms and started to hum along with the music.

That was until a beeping from the sensors console brought him completely upright.

"Commander?" Vong asked.

The commander opened one eye. "Yeah?"

"We have an M class planet on sensors."

The commander opened another eye. "Way out here?"

The ensign nodded. "Yes sir. Appears to be orbiting around Zima Prime."

"I see." The commander acknowledged. He hit his console and stopped the music. He then tapped his comm. badge.

"Madcock to Captain Mizuno." He called. "Please report to the bridge."

"Acknowledged." A voice called. It was the same voice that Trevor had for the voice of his computer.

After a few moments, the door to the Captain's ready room opened, and onto the bridge walked Ami Mizuno. The final Sailor Scout. The only one of the five not to be with the others.

Ami walked up and looked at the commander. "What's going on?"

"Ensign?" The commander ordered.

"Ma'am, I've detected an M class planet orbiting Zima Prime," Vong replied.

"Way out here?" Ami repeated her first officer.

The ensign just shrugged.

"Well then, I think we'd better check it out, don't you think?" Ami replied.

Madcock nodded and hopped out of his boss's seat.

"Helm. Divert course. 2-3-2 mark 0-0-9." Ark ordered.

"Aye!" The helmsman replied. The ship adjusted its heading and continued warping towards the planet.

Ami plopped down into her seat. She looked at her armrest console. 

She then turned to Ark.

"I see you changed my station again."

Ark hung his head. "They don't have that function on my chair." Ark points to the tactical display on the first officer's console.

"At least you get a chair." Vong whimpered.

"HEY!" Ark yelled. "Don't make me come back there."

"Sorry Commander," Vong replied.

Ark nodded at him acknowledging that it was all good.

Ami hit some buttons. "This will make the day go a little faster."

Some music started. Ami smiled at Ark. Ark smiled back.

"Shall we?" Ark asked.

Ami nodded. The bridge crew began to sing.

Helm: "I've been driving all night my hands wet on the wheel…"

Tactical: "There's a voice in my head that drives my heel…"

Vong: "It's my baby calling says I need you here!!!"

Ark: "And it's…" Ark looks at the clock. "…half-past eight and I'm shiftin' gear!!!"

Ami: "When she gets lonely and the longing gets too much, she sends a cable coming in from above – don't need a phone at all!!!"

Everyone: "We've got a thing that's called Radar Love – We've got a wave in the air… Radar Love…"

Ami smiles. "Ah, classical music. What better way to fly to some forgotten planet in the middle of freakin' nowhere."

Ark nods.

Trevor sat and looked out the window that separated him from the outside world. Trevor was becoming very frustrated being locked away like he was. He decided that if he was going to be miserable he was going to make someone else just as miserable.

How to do that though. Trevor really wasn't in the best position to hit or kick anyone.

He didn't really think he could anyway. After all the drugs they pumped into him at the mental health facility.

Trevor realized how lucky he was that this civilization didn't do DNA testing and they looked just like humans. He can just imagine what they would do to him if they found out he was an alien.

"That's it!" He grins. "Earth music will annoy them! But which song do I sing?"

Trevor thought back. He was big on the musical history of Earth. He had tracks from the early 1500's all the way to the beeping music craze of 2333.

Trevor grins when he remembers one song in particular. The song that he was told that he ruined every time he tried to sing it.

"You wouldn't think that drunken people in a Mars karaoke bar would be so critical." He grumbled.

Trevor took a deep breath.

"She's into superstitions, black cats and voodoo dolls…" Trevor sang, very off-key.

There is no response from anyone.

"UPSIDE, INSIDE OUT – SHE'S LIVIN' LA VIDA LOCA!" He bellowed, even louder and even more off key.

Still nothing.

"What the hell?" Trevor asked himself. He gets up and walks over to the bars. He does his best to look around.

"Hello?" He calls.


"Jesus Christ they all went home," Trevor grumbles and he returns to his seat. 

A beeping noise starts to emanate from his pocket. He sticks his hand in there and pulls out his communicator.

"Good thing the fuzz didn't take this away from me!" Trevor grins. He opens up the unit. "Yes?"

"Trevor." The Ami-sounding computer voice says. "First, you shouldn't talk to yourself. That's how you got arrested in the first place. And second, I have the communications unit working and I am sending out a distress call."

Trevor grumbles at the nagging but grins at the news of the working communication system. "Excellent. Beam me outta here."

The computer voice sighs. "I can't."

"WHAT?" Trevor screams.

"I JUST got the communications systems working. It's going to take me well over an hour to reroute enough EPS junctions to get the transporters working."

"Bloody hell! What am I supposed to do until then?"

"Well…" The computer replies. "Remember, you have the right to remain silent. I suggest doing that."

The communication is cut off. Trevor grumbles and throws his communicator in anger. He screams when he sees it hit the opposite wall and shatter into hundreds of pieces.

"Aw damn it!" Trevor whimpers. He walks over to where the shattered pieces are and fruitlessly attempts to reassemble them. He works on that for a few moments and then gives up, chucking the pieces into the jail cell's toilet.

"Troubles?" A male voice asks.

Trevor turns to the other side of the cell where he sees a man sitting wearing a Starfleet uniform. The man appears to be translucent.

"HOLY SHIT! Where did you come from?" Trevor yelps, while trying to climb the wall in a feeble attempt to get away from the ghostly figure.

"I've always been here, Trevor." He smiles.

Trevor just stares at him for a moment. Then faints.

"-And what have I told you about emergency stops? You know that I am always near water when you do that!" Ranma-Chan yelled.

In Ranma's ready room, Ranma was standing behind her desk. Shampoo was sitting in the chair directly across from her. She was watching her feet. 

"Shampoo sorry. Please don't be mad."

Ranma-Chan sighed and sat down. "I'm not mad at you. It's just; you can't be doing these stunts with the ship. It's dangerous. I know that you are bored. I'm bored! Shit these missions suck! But we still need to be careful."

Shampoo nodded. "Anything else?"

Ranma-Chan shook her head. "No."

Shampoo nodded once again and stood. She walked to the doors but stopped just shy of where they would open.

Ranma-Chan looked up. Shampoo continued to look at the doors.

"When were you going to tell Shampoo that you and Akane got married?"

Ranma-Chan fell out of her seat. "What?"

Shampoo sniffled. "Shampoo hurt that you no tell."

Ranma-Chan stood up. "We're not."

Shampoo just shook her head. "Don't lie. I saw file."

"You can't access my file."

"No, but can access Akane's."

Ranma-Chan sighed and walked over to Shampoo. She placed her hand on Shampoo's shoulder but Shampoo adjusted herself slightly, causing Ranma to remove her hand.

"I didn't want to upset you anymore. After what happened to Mousse-" Ranma-chan cut herself off. "I wanted to protect you from being any more hurt."

Shampoo laughed and continued walking. The doors slid open. "Shampoo no need you to protect me."

Shampoo walked off across the bridge and plopped down into the captain's chair. Ranma-Chan just sighed. She looked around the bridge. At her tactical station was Lita. She was keeping an eye on the tactical station but was also watching the exchange between Ranma and Shampoo. 

Once she noticed that Ranma noticed this she started working on something else.

Ranma-Chan glanced over to the chair on the left side of the captain's chair. This is where Raye would sit. If she ever came back to the bridge, that is. Ranma had requested that she be assigned an assistant so at least they would sit there, but the seat remained empty.

Ranma-Chan chuckled when she looked over to Mina's station. She was sulking while staring directly at her station. She moved her glance over to Ryouga's station. Ryouga had his eyes affixed straight ahead and appeared to be very embarrassed.

Ranma-Chan had turned to walk back into her ready room when Lita called off to her.


"Yes, Commander?" Ranma-Chan replied.

"There's an incoming message for you."

"In here, please," Ranma-Chan asked.

Lita acknowledged and the computer on Ranma's desk started to chirp. Ranma-Chan walked over and had a seat. She punched a button and Genma in his admiral's uniform appeared.

"Hey, pop."

"Hello boy," Genma cocked his head. "Why are you a girl?"

"Got splashed," Ranma-Chan explained.

"Why don't you change back?" Genma asked.

"Been busy. Working and all. What have you been doing?" Ranma asked smugly.


"I've had 32 crew members killed in three months and you refer to that as the best missions?" Ranma dryly retorted.

Genma calmed down.

"Look, here is why I called you. We got an incoming message this morning." Genma hit a few buttons and Tatewaki Kuno appeared on the screen. He began to speak.

"I, the blue thunder of the Alpha Quadrant, Tatewaki Kuno, Age 17, hereby warn you, the Federation. If you do not turn over Ranma Saotome to me for punishment in ten days I shall come to Earth and unleash the fury of my new weapon on you."

Suddenly Kodachi popped into the shot. "That retched pig-tailed girl and Akane Tendo must also be turned over for punishment!"

Kuno and his sister began to fight.

"The pig-tailed girl shall not be harmed!"

"Then neither will my darling Ranma!"

"Akane Tendo is mine to love!"

"She must die!"

Ranma groaned. "Pop?"

Genma reappeared.

"So what do you want?" Ranma-Chan asked.

"You are ordered to turn yourself over to him."

Ranma fell out of her chair.

"What are you nuts?" She screamed.

Genma cleared his throat. He then turned to the side. "I told you he wouldn't go for that."

Suddenly a bucket of water comes splashing on Genma and he becomes a panda. He is then promptly kicked out of the shot by Happosai.

"RANMA!" Happosai bellowed. "Turn yourself over, kill him, whatever! Just keep him from using that new weapon of his on my collection!" Happosai cleared his throat. "I mean Earth."

"Okay, okay." Ranma-Chan rolled her eyes and grumbled. "Do you know where the transmission came from?"

"OF COURSE NOT!" Happosai bellowed.

Genma-Panda leaned into the shot with a sign. "Somewhere in the Zima-Prime system."

"Okay." Ranma nodded. "We'll take care of it."

The transmission ended. Ranma stood and walked out onto the bridge. Shampoo stood and moved into her seat. Ranma looked to Lita.

"Everything in working order?" She asked.

"Yes ma'am – err – sir – err"

Ranma shook her head. "Thank you. Commander Aino, e.t.a. to the Zima Prime system at warp six?"

Mina typed in some calculations. "Four days."

"Good. Ensign Hibiki, set a course."

"Uh-huh," Ryouga mumbled.

Ranma looked to Shampoo and smiled. Shampoo just looked at the viewscreen. Ranma sighed and walked towards the turbo lift. The ship started to move but suddenly shook to a stop, sending people flying.

"Oops." Ryouga winced as Shampoo proceeded to kick the holy hell out of him.

Jeff continued to pick up the stacks of PADDs and other items that were sent flying in the sudden stop. He had just gotten the office cleaned up from the first time, and then it happened again. He was starting to wonder if this was a mechanical issue or just operator error.

Raye was sitting at her desk typing on her computer. She had been at it for the past hour. The only pauses in her typing were when she would stop to either get another cup of coffee or swear at what she was writing.

Jeff wanted to ask her what was wrong but he could sense that she was very agitated. He knew that he was going to have to help her sort things out, but he also knew that this was not the right time.

"God damn it!" Raye said, hitting the delete button on her computer.

"Commander?" Jeff asked. Raye turned to him. "Is that something that I could help you with? After all, I am your assistant."

Raye shook her head. "No, it's personal."

Jeff nodded in understanding. He went into the other room to clean up in there.

Raye sighed and tried to clear her mind so that she could think. She used to have no problem keeping her mind clear and focused, but not anymore.

It's been quite some time since Raye meditated. Most of the time she just didn't feel like it. Other times she just felt too sad to be able to.

Raye hated life right now.

She hadn't really spoken to Serena, Mina, or Lita since Lita's wedding. She made the mistake of getting drunk. That was the last thing that she needed - a depressant.

Raye sighed and began typing again.

To Admiral Genma Saotome, Starfleet Command. It is with a heavy heart that I tender my resignation…

"Damn it. Why is this so hard to write?" Raye mumbled to herself.

Jeff walked back into the room.

"Maybe it's because you don't want to write it?" He pondered, as he threw some items into the trash disposal.

"Mind your business, Lt." Raye scowled. "And stop reading my mind."

"Begging your pardon, Commander, but you are my business," Jeff stated quite matter-of-factly. "I am YOUR assistant. Not just a janitor."

Raye sighed. "Look. It's a long story that I have NO interest in getting into." Raye thought back for a moment. "Not only that, I'm not ALLOWED to get into it."

"Okay then," Jeff said, walking off, knowing that she would be changing her mind eventually.

Raye turned back to the computer.

"By the way…" Jeff called. "Do you want to keep this? It was in the trash can but it looks important."

Jeff walked over and set Raye's nameplate on her desk. The nameplate that Darien gave her. The nameplate with the rose on it.

Raye looked at it, looked at Jeff, and then looked at the floor. Raye began to cry. Jeff looked around uncomfortably. He took the nameplate and tossed it back to where it was. He sat in the chair directly across from Raye.

"I can help you." He stated.

Raye looked up, her eyes filled with tears.

"It started ten years ago…"

Ranma stepped out of the shower. He was all male again. He loved being the captain because he could get a water shower installed in his quarters. No sucker sonic showers for him.

Ranma walked out and put his uniform back on. He smiled when he saw Akane sitting on his bed.

"What a waste of time. You're just going to have to take it off again." Akane grinned.

Ranma grinned back at her and pounced.

Ranma rubbed his hands up and down his wife as they kissed passionately. Ranma started to unzip his uniform shirt, as did Akane when it happened.

<Nifty Star Trek Doorbell Sound Here!>

"Son of a bitch!" Ranma growled.

Ranma walked to the door as he re-zipped his shirt.

"Who is it?" Ranma asked.


Ranma started to flail his arms at Akane who took the hint. Akane ran a few laps around the room, looking for a place to hide. Finally, she just dropped and rolled underneath the bed.

Ranma regained his composure and opened the door.

"Howdy," Ranma said to his rival.

"Hi." Ryouga walked in and hopped onto Ranma's bed. The bed bounced down low enough to hit Akane slightly. She managed to hold in a yelp. Ranma grimaced at the thought of Akane being squished.

Ranma walked over to his desk and grabbed his chair and sat in it, facing Ryouga.

"What's going on, Ryouga," Ranma asked.

"Let me get this out of the way first," Ryouga said, standing.

"Okay…" Ranma said, not knowing what to expect.

"Permission to speak freely, Captain?" Ryouga requested.

Ranma nodded. "Yeah, sure."

Ryouga hopped back onto the bed, once again squashing Akane. Ranma once again grimaced at the thought of his wife being smashed.

"Well, I know you know about my getting lost on the ship…" Ryouga blushed. "…Naked."

Ranma nodded. If he spoke he'd start laughing.

"Well, that happened after I spent the night with Commander Aino. She thinks that she might be pregnant. But she refuses to go into sickbay to get tested.

"She thinks it would be embarrassing for people to know that she slept with a subordinate."

Ranma shook his head. "It's not. But I don't understand what that has to do with me."

Ryouga blushed again. "I was wondering if you could kind of order her to go in there for a medical exam or something."

Ranma thought about this for a moment. "Sure, I guess."

Ryouga smiled, but then blushed again. "Also, could you make sure that Akane isn't there at the time? I don't want her knowing what I did."

"Still interested in her, huh?" Ranma snickered.

Ryouga smiled. "That's right, Ranma. We had lunch together last week."

Ranma raised an eyebrow. "You had lunch together?" Ranma walks over to his bed and hops onto it next to Ryouga. A small squeak is heard. "Well good luck, buddy boy. And I will take care of Mina for you."

Ryouga nods thanks to Ranma and walks out of his quarters. Ranma stands and looks under the bed. He sees Akane smiling.


"You were busy!" Akane explains. "Besides, you had lunch with Shampoo the other day."

Ranma laughs. "It doesn't count when you are there, along with the rest of the senior staff! It's not my fault they are all girls!"

Akane crawls out from under the bed and stands next to Ranma. "Now, where were we." Akane starts to put her arms around Ranma.

Ranma sighs. "Speaking of Shampoo…"

Akane pulls her arms away quickly. "Way to kill the mood," Akane states, sitting on the bed.

"She knows."

Akane stares at Ranma. "HOW?"

"She saw it in your file."

Akane sighs. "She mad?"

"No," Ranma states. "She's upset though. Not really at the fact that we got married, but at the fact that we didn't tell her."

"She would have gone ballistic," Akane exclaims.

Ranma shrugs. "Maybe we should tell everyone else."

Akane shakes her head. "Let's let Ryouga get over this thing he's involved in first. Who knows? Maybe he and Mina will get married and then I will be all yours with no one chasing me!"

Ranma shifts uncomfortably.


Ranma chuckles nervously. "The Kunos are coming."

"Son of a bitch." Akane swears.