Commander Shampoo

Shampoo's Rank!

Commander Shampoo is the Executive Officer of the USS Benjamin Sisko and second in command. Some Federation documents have the Federation standard spelling of her name as Xian Pu, however, there has not been any clarification on this discrepancy.

Early Career

Shampoo has had a fairly uneventful, but fruitful career, up until joining the Sisko.

Starting out as an Ensign in security, she quickly worked her way up to chief of Security on the USS Neko (NCC-73621), a Galaxy-class ship. Only in the position for three months, she was removed from it and transferred to the Sisko by special order of Vice Admiral Happosai.

Sisko Life

Shampoo spent a short amount of time as the Sisko's third in command while Captain Karyn Walker was on board, as then Commander Ranma Saotome was assigned the Executive Officer role. Shampoo was originally slated to assume command of the ship, however, her aforementioned issues caused concern within the admiralty.

Shampoo has several friends on board the ship, however, she spends most of the time with her partner, the Sisko's Assistant Chief of Security, Lt. Amanda Jansen.

Relieved From Duty

On Stardate 60523 Commander Shampoo was relieved from duty by Captain Saotome.

Several events were likely the catalyst, but the most prevalent was the death of Lt. Mousse, someone whom Shampoo admitted she did indeed have feelings for but never told him so. As well, Shampoo was infatuated with Captain Saotome and was hurt not only by his marriage to Commander Tendo but by their deception.

Due to these things, Shampoo began to drink in an attempt to deal with these issues. Her drinking quickly spiraled into alcohol abuse and began to affect her work and performance. Eventually, Lt. Jansen sent a confidential note to Captain Saotome.

He, along with the ship’s counselor, Lt. Jeff Fuchs, decided to pull Shampoo from duty until she could resolve her problems and break her addiction.

She did eventually and returned to duty, eventually making peace with Saotome and Tendo for their deception.

Valarie Crash

Shampoo was one of many who was nearly killed in the Valarie crash, suffering a serious head injury.

Due to a lack of power on the ship, corrective measures could not be taken right away, however, engineers working around the clock managed to restore emergency power to sickbay, and Shampoo was saved.

Current Status

On stardate 63014, now Captain Shampoo took command of Starfleet's second NEO ship, the U.S.S. Miyazaki.